Over the edge of the unknown

March 8, 2012 16:20

Over the edge of the unknown

On planet earth there are so many places, going on to explain that science can not or may not want. Science does not recognize the existence of such local anomalous zones. The legends of these places are called "vicious," "witches," "damn," etc. The planet can be identified such anomalous zones that are continuously or regularly, or other geo-active "Triangle", where usual poltergeist, energetically active zone.

Very rarely can say with certainty about the causes and time of occurrence of any abnormal area (such as the landing of an unknown flying object). Most of all the talk of them being based on the stories or legends, they are usually enveloped.

Conventional theory, which would explain the presence of such zones, does not exist, humanity does not even know the exact number, as well as the mechanism by which they operate.

Thus, in Russia Pskov region — is not only historical sites. No less, if not more, is known for its places of Pskov, which tell legends and stories. And now no longer know where truth and falsehood, everything is so intertwined in one tight knot. In this case, one thing is certain: the more one studies folklore of this region, the more clearly you understand that almost every village in the Pskov region associated with mysticism.

And so the history of the curse of the clearing (or as it is called Loknya glade), stories about that walk for several years on the Internet, excites the imagination.

They say that the first time about this phenomenal place began to tell even before the Second World War, when two villagers Maltsov searched together with the shepherds lost cows, and, going on this same meadow, saw a few cows from their herd suddenly blazed bright fire and fell through ground.

The guys in horror rushed to the village, in the colors of telling what they saw. Then the grandfather of one of them remembered what had heard from his grandfather about the huge crater that supposedly swallowed people and animals, bringing terror to all living nearby.

Legends, which then began to talk about this place, had one terrible one: it was said that underneath it there is a funnel unexplored passages that go underground in the entire amfilady rooms in which they live a very strange creature. These creatures abduct children.

They say that in the brightest summer day in this meadow is dense fog, and on it flashed some strange specters of animals or people.

Legend has it that anyone who has ever been on Loknya glade never return home. However, sometimes some back, but after a few years, quite unlike yourself, they observed inhibition of speech, loss of memory, etc.

The locals prefer not to mention in conversation that same meadow: the people got the belief that if you talk about it for a long time, it can happen misfortune — someone will die.

Sinister rumors Loknya clearing born early in the last century.

According to rumors, many centuries ago, in this very place was a huge beautiful castle where he lived for many centuries, and one kind of famous Russian boyars. Lived and lived …

Once there was a very strong storm, and some strong lightning somehow simultaneously hit the castle. Eyewitnesses from generation to generation, that the lock just a minute gone underground, vanished into thin air …

At the site of the castle formed the very crater.

Years went by. Clearing overgrown around so thick with vegetation, trees and shrubs so heavily intertwined with each other in one fence that go into the clearing can only cut through the ax this hedge.

Funnel eventually closed, there's nothing more fail. However, in a clearing there was another danger: all who are in it for some time, lost their lives.

Most of the "charm" of the field affects the animals that wander at her, feeling rich and lush grass. Apparently, the vegetation contains some mystic matter: animal, having tried it, more will never leave this place.

According to local residents, the glade she never parted with his "prey."

Animals died at Loknya clearing years without decomposing, but their meat gets a reddish color.

Pets residents of nearby villages with difficulty dragged from the field and buried nearby. A wild animal lying on the lawn, so no one cleans.

Around the field as it formed a kind of anomalous field. Over time, the dead, she began to expand, taking up more space.

She came to the village, located in the neighborhood.

For the last fifty years hamlet just died. Apparently, clearing fascinated and psyche of these people: they have literally every day in the village occurred fights, a fire broke out. But it is only ten miles away from the district center. But the worst thing in this story is that people do not die a natural death.

Moreover, local people lost their lives and for some unknown reason the absurd: that milkmaid death to score a bull when she milked milk, blacksmith die of hoofs of a horse shoe, the thirteen-year boy drowned in the river, which is not that deep, it there is not even a place name, he would fall off the roof to his death builder, died of unknown diseases and perfectly healthy young men and women.

Many people tried to escape from here, and to live a normal life, and most importantly, without fear. But they all say that, having left the village a few kilometers, as if some unknown force drove them back, back to the house.

A meadow at this time continued to select for themselves the next victims: they say that not only the residents of the village knew about the incredible ability of the clearing Loknya lure to his prey, but even distant neighbors began to bypass the area side. However, not everyone was able to avoid the deadly traps: some still fall into it, and remained in the clearing.

Some people are able, but with great difficulty, to pull out from the field, to bury. They say that their bodies had absolutely no injuries. We can say that all of them died in terror and fear — so look on their faces after death.

However, the clearing brought residents of the surrounding villages and many benefits. During World War II the Germans occupied the country, although neighboring were fully occupied. The Germans have been through it and completely forgot about it.

To study the phenomenon Loknya clearing many expeditions were coming, but none of them did not come home in a body.

Adventurers are not told the reason why they all have hair fall out, torment severe headaches. And one girl was covered with some kind of weird sores and died at a local hospital.

In the area of the field is observed Loknya and other anomalous phenomena: the sky at night by themselves flashing rays, striking across the meadow, and in daylight many mirages imagined that the terror of the peasants. At night the sky observed silver rain of asterisks.

Around the field has grown tall grass, and a small river bed without a title completely dried up and repainted in some strange green color.

But the greatest horror the residents of nearby villages experienced when spring floods washed away the cemetery. It turned out that there are very long-buried corpses not only rotten, but even kept their clothes.

As time went on … Most people still found the strength and moved away. The village is completely empty.

But notoriety Loknya glade still dominates the minds of adventurers who come here and all over the country to understand the secrets of this mysterious place. However, many of them, and still find it to his death, and did not unravel the mysteries of this terrible place.

They say that this field is called "clearing death" exists in the Krasnoyarsk region near the village Karamyshevo.

Scientists try to explain this anomaly electromagnetic resonators in the meadows of this type creates a powerful eddy currents that come from outer space. They assumed that under such clearings are paleovolcanoes vents, which rests on the Earth's mantle, as the conductor of powerful electromagnetic radiation.

All living in a meadow exposed to the magnetic field of the planet. And since the human body is a good conductor — hence the red color of the meat of the victims of the clearing — is the result of broken capillaries.

Maybe the scientists are right, but no explanation can not hold back the human fear of the fact that the common man seems incomprehensible and unknown.

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