Pensions are just enough for rent and bread

Elderly man: "I think it will be devalued in the sense of — the ruble will fall. But if the election, I'll vote for him, because it does not depend on it. What he says, maybe he wanted so much, of course. But However desirable, it is still the ruble will fall. "

Mum with the child: "You know, I realize the money, although they are sorely lacking, but invest in the products needed today our family. A pile of money, especially in Belarusian rubles, I have no desire and I do not consider it necessary.'s Not that I do not trust, but not today such an opportunity. "

Mrs."Do not buy dollars and do nothing. Trust is probably our president."

Young man"If there is extra Belarus, then buy dollars, but without the fuss. I think that there will be devaluation, the rate will increase slightly. Last time, laid the course, kept the corridor. I think that now would be the case. Hope so."

Mrs."The question is not devaluation, but the fact that the Belarusian ruble devalued. Toe rejection had nothing to do with it, does not matter. People fear before the election: who knows — what will happen? He promises, and who will be president? We do not yet know who will perform.'ll wait. "

Man: "I think that in this situation you can not trust anyone, besides the president. One year has been the dollar is. Why he will not jump again after the election?"

Man: "You know, life shows that there is no smoke without fire, that people are always one step ahead, on and off, maybe even sees deeper than our guide. It is a premonition. Anyway, unclean, time will tell. Changes will be for the simple reason that — it is no secret — is now gone big infusion of increasing pensions, salaries. Location finances? earned many state? May God! whether questions are solved in some other way? "

Pensioner: "I get six hundred thousand rubles. On the bread, the flat enough, but about the last moments of our children will think … We have no money, and generally poor living, of course. During Soviet times, fared better, although prepared by 120-130 rubles . And now the price, although the speech was — that will not go up in the new year, but vzvintsyatstsa money for gas, oil, and on the flats, and for all and the pension — only on flat and on bread. Oh, poor live. .. "

Man: "The devaluation is likely to be. Belarusian rubles have to keep money unreliable, as I understand it."

Man: "I think that the ruble will become cheaper. Now people are buying the currency. And I have no money for it."

Woman: "As a survivor of the restructuring, I ready for anything. It is necessary, as they say, to keep the eggs in different baskets: you have and Belarusian rubles and foreign currency. I think it will remove the toe — and again we lose, as it was after the adjustment. Keep in the bank can rubles, and in stocking dollars or euros, hide them. "

Mr."Most likely, it is expected to immediately after the election, or after the New Year: Belarus devalued our money."

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