Physicists hope to catch the moment when the neutrons pass from one universe to another.

February 2, 2012 16:04

The concept of multiple parallel universes — is what so fond disputirovat cosmologists, but when it comes to the evidence for this theory, all supposedly gaining a mouthful of water. Yet no one even imagine clearly that it can serve as such proof. A few years ago, one team of scientists has provided theoretical calculations, demonstrating the possibility of displacement of matter between two different universes. Now, these scientists, using existing technology and scientific methods are going to fix this phenomenon in action, thus providing evidence of the theory of Multiverse. Everything needed for the scientists, this is a magnetic "bottle" filled with neutrons, and at least a year of time.

Magnetic "bottle" is a vessel made of conventional materials and the "content" of the strong magnetic fields. For a long time, physicists use such "bottle" for what would keep supercooled neutrons that are moving very slowly. Because of this, scientists are able to observe the neutrons, the process of decay and for other physical phenomena, which bring together the particles that have no electric charge.

Values which most physicists are interested in conducting such experiments is the energy level of the neutron decay. In an ideal experiment, all neutrons would decay at exactly the same level, equal to the level of beta decay (beta decay rate). But the real magnetic "bottle" far from ideal, the rate of decay of neutrons, they concluded, is always higher than the theoretical one. This may be caused by the fact that some of the neutrons leaving the "bottle" in any other way than to break up. For example, serve in another universe.

Sarrezin Michael (Michael Sarrazin) and his colleagues at the University of Namur in Belgium (University of Namur in Belgium) have provided theoretical calculations that indicate that strong magnetic fields may be the reason why that will enable the transition of matter from one universe to another. Using data about the level of neutron decay, collected in different experiments, they calculated the upper energy limit of the transition and the probability of the transition itself. According to these data, the probability that a neutron will move to another universe, is only one in a million.

Such a low probability is easy to compensate for the number of neutrons, trapped by a magnetic "bottle." In addition, Michael Sarrezin believes that scientists have a way to watch this event live. Changes in the gravitational potential, which varies as a result of the Earth's motion around the sun, should directly affect the rate of exchange of matter between universes. It should be an experiment for a year, and preferably two years, and you can clearly see whether the decay of some neutron-year cyclical modulation. If this is found, the neutrons are probably not just fall, but moved into other universes.

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