Pipes apocalypse

February 3, 2012 20:54

Online community agog weird news. In cities around the world people hear strange, if not — scary sounds. Most recently, residents of Rostov-n-Adon in the city community LiveJournal also talked about the unknown sounds coming either from the sky, or from under the ground.

Most mysterious sound or look like a monstrous roar of the pipe, or the creaking of the huge iron gates. Could well be attributed to sound inhibitory heavy truck or rail construction, which dragged on the ground, if not for a strange and even scary frequency melodic phenomenon. Sound is otherworldly. At the same time, it is real …

In the age of the rule of the Internet you can easily find the clips with sound recording or similar in Moscow and Kiev, Budapest, Chicago, and, in Australia, and the Czech Republic. Enough to type in any search engine query "strange noises" and see the movie. It is best to do it right now — to talk about the sounds and describe them can be long, but the best one is believing.

What is it? Pipe one of the angels described in the "Revelation" or "Apocalypse"? No less terrifying natural phenomenon? All the same, or something else?

Mystics speak of the coming end of the world in 2012 and wonders. Some even believe that the sound came straight out of hell. More serious students talk about the crust tectonic changes that give rise to low-frequency vibrations. There is also a version of the atmospheric phenomena that trigger magnetic storms. And lithospheric and atmospheric nature explains the similarity of sounds and the absence of a specific source.

If the sounds are generated by tectonic shifts, it's really bad. Scientists have long discussed the possibility of changing the polarity of the magnetic poles of the Earth. This condition may be accompanied by catastrophic processes. But, in fact, we live on a thin crust surrounding the hot ball of our planet. The bark is not that fragile, but not absolutely strong, as demonstrated by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

If the plates that make up Earth's crust will begin to break down and dramatically change its position, civilization will end. It will be swept away by lava flows, tsunamis, hurricanes …

However, for such a catastrophic scenario few prerequisites. Earth has been around five billion years, including several billion — with the usual crust. Happened in the history of the Holocaust, especially after collisions with asteroids. A period of great glaciers and increased volcanic activity, but there were patches of land that were "afloat" relatively lava all these billions of years. True, some of them are now at a depth of several kilometers beneath later deposits.

Another explanation of the "trump" effect on the Earth's ionosphere American installation HAARP — about it, our newspaper wrote. Giant antenna supposedly allow to influence the upper atmosphere, bring them into resonance. Perhaps the impact is on the lithosphere, causing an earthquake.

And yet … Before discussing the sounds that we do not hear, it might be worth a closer look videos?

Say, a video from Kiev (shooting is done from the window of the apartment), we see people who quietly go down the street, do not fall on the ground and covered his head with his hands and did not even look around in search of a strange sound outside. Strange? Yes! But, on the other hand, is not the case that people do not pay attention to what is going on around them? Especially if the sound is already "become boring."

But what about the witnesses? A few of my friends and Rostovites Muscovites said that they themselves had heard the sound! Introduce someone into error they seem to be no reason. Is that in order to make a joke? But the joke, to say the least, strange and quite worn out. The fact is that the first wave of "trump" came in August of last year — the truth, then it was not seen by all. Another flurry of activity "pipe apocalypse" took place the other day, in the second half of January. Koekto heard strange sounds literally vcherapozavchera.

Let's return to make a stir rollers who have launched a wave of panic. Enthusiasts of society "Kosmopoisk" comprehensively using special equipment and programs analyzed audio track rollers. Technical analysis, the researchers said, showed "a little weak" in terms of reliability, forgery. It can be detected mainly in the sound levels do not match the main track (background, birds singing, the sound of the street), the level of writing "pipe angel."

The analysis pointed out not too good mixing of two audio tracks: original, made for shooting the video, and fragments of the "pipes." By relating the minimum and maximum level of background (original) record, we can say that, judging by the camera recording, the sound is "pipe angel" would come down on the witness with a force of 150-160 decibels, which corresponds to the sound blast-off from the spaceport or the impact of a shock waves of supersonic aircraft. These noise levels are beyond the threshold of pain, and should cause the inevitable concussion and injuries. Hard to keep the camera in such conditions …

According to the representative, "Kosmopoisk" commercials were to serve as viral advertising film «Red State», which was released in September — just after the first wave of commercials. Fragments of sound series film in rolls virtually reproduced! Then came the rollers and with the sounds of other films such as "The War of the Worlds" and "The Ring."

Conspiracy theories can say that those who are trying to communicate with humanity through sounds, might take and loud sounds heard in movie theaters. Or that movie sound engineers were inspired by unearthly trump. But all the same version of the huge draw seems likely.

Why? Why interesting! "Flashmob" repetition of the same actions by different people in different cities — fun popular, especially during the World Wide Web.

By the way, witnesses can appear quite honest. Someone just put video in a network, and someone could put a column with the record (or video, or in general the track generated by synthesizer) in the window of an apartment or a full turn on a powerful car stereo. Risk of getting caught is great, but do you ever heard pouring out of the windows to loud music? And that can incriminate jokers? The proclamation of the "doomsday"?

Still determined to assert that all the strange sounds — a hoax, we can not. It is possible that somewhere they had and natural character. What a very, very strange — because such events people do not remember. So, something has changed in the world after all? But what and where?

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