Political Portrait of Dorian Gray

What is the secret of the political viability of Alexander Lukashenko and of his system? As it evolved in the course of his life? In the Belarusian system — from the president, and that — from the general political trends in the post-Soviet space? How to leave Lukashenko?

Over these topics in the "Prague accent" talk the author of "Alexander Lukashenko: Political Portrait" Valery Karbalevich, Head of analytical projects BelaPAN Alexander Klaskouski and a columnist for the Russian newspaper "Kommersant" Pavel Sheremet.

Listen to transfer to Sunday, November 14, from 18 hours.

We offer you the pieces of gear.

Karbalevich: Established Lukashenko social model is not worn out … Fork: the presidential election in 1994, a referendum in 1996, the rise to power of Putin in 2000, and the actual end of the idea of unification of Belarus and Russia, 2010 (sharp conflict with Russia) … Lukashenko — a reaction of fear of the Belarusian society facing the challenges of transformation, modernization, globalization …

Sheremet: Lukashenko — a genius moment … It is an extremely cynical and knows no limits, it is

European version of Turkmenbashi … He also does not invest a diamond heart, and with it eternal life … I think the most likely option life of government, but I would not consider his life-long … If he is cornered, he can throw at the feet of Belarus in Moscow …

Klaskouski: Lukashenka has been and remains mentally Soviet Belarusians … De facto today Lukashenko of Belarus protects from the imperial Russian pressure, which reflected a statement Grybauskaite. This evolution has occurred it is not influenced by the ideals of the ON and the republic, but it took … Lukashenko cynically put it on the majority, it is inherent in the neglect of the elite …

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