Premieres November rolled

In November of this Russian audience has a great number of high-profile premieres. These include "Twilight. Saga. Dawn "," Crew "with Denzel Vashigtonom and" Stories "Michael Segal.

"Twilight. Saga. Dawn "the final part of the whole world proshumevshey saga. Like the "Harry Potter", they are coming to an end. Bella turned into a vampire, she and Edward had a daughter whom they named Renesmee. All anything, but the Volturi learns about the birth of the child. The final battle is coming. Film distributors do not doubt the huge box office, as fans of the franchise all over the world a huge amount. Critics often do not like movies in the series, but for the last movie, here it caused quite warm reviews.

"Crew" — new work by Robert Zemeckis. Director is the creator of such brilliant films as "Back to the Future" and the Oscar-winning "Forrest Gump." Hero Denzel Washington is flying in an airplane in the heat of a hangover and also sniffing cocaine in addition to avoid the headache. But there is an unforeseen situation, and his hero can land the plane, thus saving 96 lives. Now he is a victor and a national hero, but soon all that could collapse, as the Commission is investigating the case finds it in the fact of being intoxicated.

Author of many clips of Russian celebrities Michael Segal tried himself as a director. The plot of his film: a simple writer brings his manuscript, consisting of separate categories of stories to the editors. These stories, with the reading of the secretary brought the work, played in front of viewers.

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