Presidential candidates were allowed to be wrong by 20%

Most of the presidential candidates has already submitted to the Central Election Commission of the set of documents required for official registration. Under the law, the last day of delivery of the documents falls on a Saturday, the 13th of November. And so tomorrow the CEC will work in normal operating mode.

Each candidate must pass the Central Commission three documents. This is — a written consent to run for president, the declaration of income and assets, as well as the completed application form with biographical information. These CEC adds another document — the data from the regional Election Commissions, which confirm that the applicant has collected at least 100 thousand high-quality signatures in his support.

CEC Chairman Lidiya Yarmoshyna believes that the rules of the declaration, the sprastsilisya:

Lidiya Yarmoshyna

"Before the presidential candidates declared their income, profit adult relatives living with them together, and all the relatives, neighbors belonging to a circle, even though they lived separately. Now presidential candidates should submit a declaration only on himself, his wife and adult home, but only those who live with them together. "

Yarmoshina also draws attention the fact that the law allows the Election Commission to refuse registration if the discrepancy between the actual income and the one specified in the declaration is "essential character". nekankretnastsi Because of this language before there were many disputes. CEC is now officially sized "istotnastsi" , says Ms. Yarmoshyna:

"If the error is less than 20% of the annual income of the presidential candidate, it is not considered an error. And in such cases, the applicant will necessarily registered. Otherwise, the CEC will decide on each candidate separately. Because such cases the right to register or not the candidate should still be the Central Commission. "

Yaroslav Romanchuk surrendered for registration with the CEC one of the first:

Yaroslav Romanchuk

"I think that I will have no problems. My income consists of fees. And I am following closely how much and where do I pay the money. I think that if everything will depend only on this, the probability of my registration is 99% . "

Checking the document is given 10 days. But the CEC, as he said today, "Freedom," commission secretary Nikolai Lozovik, hopes to deal with this before. Therefore, the official registration of the plan for the period between 17 and 19 November.


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