Presidents and health

The Company As the physicians, the profession of politics, from the medical point of view — one of the most dangerous. And because the health — an important aspect of the professional activity of the presidents so official. On the TV channels from around the world can see a lot of stories about how maintain a healthy lifestyle first state entities — zhogingu American presidents to hockey and skiing interests of the Belarusian leader.

In dry information from medical records of these individuals, such information is not available everywhere.


As shown by the data of the current routine medical check-up Barack Obama, appeared in leading U.S. media, including the Washington Post, its health indicators have improved significantly compared to 2007. Thus, the resting heart rate was 56 beats per minute and blood pressure — 105 / sixty-second bit summed cholesterol, which is the time of the last survey in 2007, has grown from 96 to one hundred thirty-eighth is above normal by 8, so Barack Obama advised appropriate diet. The president still smokes, although he tries to give up this bad habit and nikatynazamyanyalnay undergoing therapy.

With the growth of 185 cm and weight 81 kg Obama daily exercise on a treadmill, lift weights, from sports prefers basketball and golf. Its diet consists of healthy foods.

After a thorough medical examination, doctors recognized as fit for Obama presidential duties and advised him to take the next scheduled inspection in August 2011, after he turns 50 years old.


Among the EU countries, where public health leaders discussed not only doctors, not the first place is France.

For nearly 20 years, the French demand to be informed in detail about the diseases the country's leaders. It is no coincidence that last year's event with a 54-year-old Nicolas Sarkozy, who became ill during the usual run, came under the scrutiny of his countrymen. How then wrote the leading French media, "the president overdid it with a healthy lifestyle in order to please his wife." However, this explanation and the official announcement of doctors on 20-hour stay in the hospital, the French president was not enough. Therefore, Sarkozy was forced himself to talk about their own well-being on page on the social network "Facebook", and also thank fellow citizens for their interest in his health.

Britain, Italy

No taboos, no filters for information on the health of the state leaders, leaders of the major political parties, their relatives and members of the royal family is not in the UK. And Downing Street and the press office at Buckingham Palace immediately sent to the media details of anything like serious ailments first persons to get ahead of the rumors from the tabloids.

The same goes for Belgium and Italy. At the time, the Italian press reported on a lot of prostate cancer in Silvio Berlusconi and his plastic surgery.


In Germany, there is about the illness of the first persons of the state served as a screen carefully. Rinse your clothes in public policy is considered indecent. Even the tabloid newspaper did not weigh in to look into the intimate sphere of the Chancellor Angela Merkel or his ministers.


In China, about the health of top officials know everything, but the public do not say or pretend to know nothing. A couple of years ago, when the eyes of the public with a serious illness fought vice-premier of the State Council of the PRC Huang Ju, informed of his death until after the official conclusion of doctors. Although half a year earlier information that he had cancer, had spread all the world news agencies.


Subject publicity in health government leaders, ministers and responsible military raised regularly in the Israeli Knesset. At one time, this annual report, the official insisted the then Minister Natan Sharansky. He stressed the need for the publication of information on the health status of senior politicians — especially in Israel, where there is no democratic mechanisms replacement of Prime Minister in the event of a sudden illness. So far, these initiatives have not found the support of the parliamentary majority.


Subject transparency of information about the health of the president is still unusual for Russians. Even with the main Russian democracy Boris Yeltsin Media reported are far from complete information about its serious cardiac and pathology. About heart attacks and near-death of the first president of Russia is not the public learned from attending his doctors, and the former head of security Alexander Karzhakova.


On the eve of the elections of December 19 "Freedom" proposed candidates for the president to share their concerns about the openness of the topic, as well as talk about their health.

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