Prices. Frost before the first of July

The Council of Ministers has extended the list of socially important goods, which may be administered to a temporary price controls for up to 90 days, and froze their prices until July 1.

As the Interfax, a supplementary list of socially important goods included 13 items of consumer goods, fish, cheese, cereals, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, bananas, lemons, oranges, coffee, tea, salt, beef offal and pork first and second categories, chicken meat , boiled sausages, blood sausages and livernyya, detergents …

Moreover, the government until July 1, 2011 froze prices for socially important goods identified in the decision number 495 on the prices that producers have formed as of May 28 2011a.

In parallel, the Ministry of Economy issued a decree according to which temporarily for 90 days, reduced effect of limiting trade allowances to sales prices for importers of socially important goods.

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