Prices have new and pensions — old

In Belarus, the consumer continues to boom in the background of the daily price increases. People are snapping up food prices, especially those who once again have to go up — sugar, vodka and meat.

Vitebsk Region

To often do not rewrite the price tags, they are simply removed from the goods

Orsha on fair traders no longer put price tags on goods and products. Consider it a vain thing, because prices change every day following the growth of the informal dollar, says Basil:

"Businessmen, traders — in their price tags do not. If you take something, then take out the calculator and lists, in accordance with the dollar. All are tied to the dollar. And their shops closed down, reassess the goods. How are they private owners — so have the right! . "

Prices jumped up at the fair, continues the theme of Galina, also a resident of Orsha:

"This is terrible! Cabbage — 7000, apples — 10000, chickens grew almost twice as … And then — I buy only what I need for the rest do not even look. But we are persistent rumors that the fair closes in June. And what: they take the same item for the currency, and currency is not! Since May finalize, because the rent paid places. And then — everything! . "

The market will finalize by the end of May, and more — everything!

Tatiana from Polotsk to withstand the difficult conversation with his son-in high school — to explain to the kid why everyone going up:

"I had to hold a conversation with her son, if he would go hungry for freedom. In all seriousness! I am preparing him mentally: show videos on the Internet, as in prison for Square, as people cry after the ship … So what to do? All gone! Salary became cheaper by half, funds are not sufficient. Yesterday went to buy meat, I have not bought meat, now 30,000 worth what it used to 20! I'll be there fainted, those shelves. "

The government has promised to index the salaries of public sector employees — pay for May 60 thousand rubles. On June 1, promised to increase by 13.7% and pensions. But until that pension still have to live, says Vitebsk pensioner Galina:

"We have to survive as long as it get! After all, prices are already new, and yet old pension. I'm on the fish do not look — it prohibitive, the pollack by 15,000. Millet — is 11,000, which I had fed the sparrows … Prices have doubled! That is, prices rose by 100%, and pension — 13%? I just do not know how I will live! He who took upon himself the responsibility for everything, saying, "I know what to do and where to go". Here we are to where we were brought … . "

Grodno region

People say, "Kaput will …"

Recently, people have confused about what to buy first, because the more expensive everything. And so some just shrug, because all the goods have enough money. This is what, for example, says shopper in Mostovskoi store:

"Sahara is not on the shelves, no sausage or sausage — nothing. Sausages all only 40-50 thousand, laundry detergent — only Russian, onions are just walked bought, then the beam 1-2 thousand, milk — 2000, Bread — 2070 8700 — 900 grams of rice, soda-3250, more than 18 thousand — one kilogram of meat … . "

But in Smorgon to rise in price in the stock of people are buying vodka. Says local entrepreneur:

"Well, what we have in store — take a vodka boxes …".

Next, Mr. adds that in his eyes disappear those cash reserves, which people collected over the years, and they have to invest in that anyhow, just to not lose:

"Currencies not already bought up real estate, what's next — is unknown. I now have the money, I would buy something — but what? These Belarusian TV — but how much they need to and then where to put them, who needs them? People say one thing is kaput. "

Who voted for Lukashenko, tenth now paraphrase, it was stupid.

Entrepreneur of Svislochi that sells food products, says that all people are cheap and sold out of many products currently not available. Each subsequent delivery of the goods, according to him, get the new prices:

"For example, we now have no matches, salt and sugar. But people are saying, even those who voted for Lukashenko that ten people retell next time to not vote for this government — that such statements. Strongly resent the people. "

What do they think, what they feel in this situation, the residents of Grodno?

Mrs."I'm so imagine what is going on: our country got a big heart attack. And for a long time will achuvatstsa in intensive care. Will there be a lethal outcome, will recover? No doctor will not be able to say — whether a person will survive after such a heart attack, or end very sad funeral. "

Young man"The fact that the situation in the country with dollars does not suit me, but do not get involved in politics, it is not related. What is important to the people, if the economic situation is good, everything will be fine, that's all. And who is in power — I have not delved into it … . "

Mr."I'm more surprised that not only products, but also to such things — household appliances, televisions — all the new prices are."

Second, Mr."The Belarusian why prices are rising? Because some of them are unfounded, it is one hundred percent. Buckwheat, this was no use to anybody, but it is foolish pavyvozili, it all at once it became suddenly needed. Yes, you do not buy it, why would you need it? . "

Third, Mr."Who bought up? Speculators! They did not bring it, and then sell expensive. Here the state to cover them! Would take to the hype is over, reduced prices by thirty percent, so they then next time do not be bought. "

I have my grandfather. What is the reaction? Perceive it as it is, and what to do?

Fourth, Mr."But the price of surprise with the" vysokastsyu. " Are we so increasing the cost of production? Although, I suppose, in the world there is a rise in prices, but we are very sensitive. I can tell you that I have my grandfather, well, what kind of reaction? Perceive it as it is, and what to do? . "

Mrs."Not only — prices, even antenna on the roof of city general — and that has risen. How to put it at the top of a pole, so it will cost, and the price rose. What they did, or improved? Nothing! As shown by one channel, and shows you how erratically and shows. "


The greatest excitement on Friday — on sugar

In Mogilev on top rated stores today with the most excessive demand was sugar. His take pounds. Scarce commodity in a few days remain poultry.

Empty shelves with avian dietary product even branded specialty stores. In a shop of one of the districts of Mogilev on display ad — "no chicken."

That consumers are not plagued questions — "no chicken."

Seeing the journalist, the seller removes the ads. Explains — it is for local use, as shoppers beset with questions. Why is there no meat, the seller did not respond. Consumers have different versions.

Mrs."Cours long time, three or four days as no. The prices are rising. If the new prices will be, then shove. Then slip the pork. Everything. Sellers cashing. It is necessary to control the vendors, so that they know how to sell the product. And that someone is profiting, and some do not "- outraged elderly people.

His version gives another woman:

"We signed a contract with Russia. Everything went there. Now, empty shelves — no chickens. "

Sugar in a nearby store people take envelopes.

"I went into a store — no. The second — too. I go further, and there give five pounds per person. I had to take. It is said to be more expensive. More than five thousand pounds will. I went into the "bird" store — chickens do not. I did not expect this. Take all that you can. The zeros are removed as they say, from the first. "

Younger also fall under the panic panic

If before the consumer panic resisted by older people, but now their numbers visibly rejuvenated. Younger began to take a closer look closely to the price situation.

The girl with two bags installed ask what products are disappearing, and rising prices.

"Hens, meat, sausage. That's all. It's natural — with the rise of the dollar and our prices are going up on everything. "



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