Prince Svyatoslav I Rusich!

Svyatoslav Igorevich statue on horseback with hazarinom defeated. Sculptor Vyacheslav Fangs. The monument is in 2005, in the village of Withers Belgorod region.

Russian troops were silent system, behind them towered city walls Dorstola. The gates were closed, with walls on his comrades looked wounded remained in the fort, who were not able to take part in the battle, but able to stand on the wall and cover their children in case of retreat. At the center of Russian construction was Prince Svyatoslav, as well as everything on foot, he looked at his men, who were with him, the war against the Khazars, Bulgars, Pechenegs, who was standing at Arkadiopole death, and those who gave their lives could stop heavy Byzantine katafrakatriev. Prince stepped forward, so apply with a short speech:

— War, I know that you are a grave, so we made feats worthy of our ancestors, those who fought during the VAN, the enemy is superior to us in number, but we want or do not want to fight, because not once fought to this day. We do not have the custom to flee their country, do not disgrace the same Russian land, but become hard and go to bed for the dead bones of shame no shame, and I will go with you, and when my head will fall on their own take care — and the governor went ahead and Wolf said Prince
— Duke, I think so. A squad let him support me or not, but I will say, where is your head to lie down there and we put on their heads, and many goals there will be the witch put our swords but axes Hurray! — Militia unison shouted with all his might the lungs:
-Hurray! — Hurray! — Hurray! — As the cries died down, the Prince cried
— For Rhoda, for Perun priest, Mother of damp earth, the gods of Russian and Russian land, the gods ask you, grant us the death of you worthy of glory and the glory of your! — With these words the prince drew his sword, pointed it in the direction of the Byzantine troops and shouted — GO! — Russian followed their prince, of running was a young soldier comes out of the ground Vyatichevskoy, he escaped with a one-handed sword, a helmet and a simple coat of mail, which was the war against the Khazars, Bulgars and Pechenegs, and his name was Velimir, he fled and thought — "Why do we always beat them, why? Why we are fearless and willing to give his life for the prince, and they are mostly mercenaries and slaves basileus, but because they are the slaves and the slave will never understand what is Freedom "- meanwhile Velimir saw rusichi almost before the phalanx enemy, the Russian ones that were behind, fired a volley, and bows and slings, the first number of Byzantine spearmen greatly thinned out, the Russian did not stop the steps, the first series consisted of Byzantine slaves noticeably faltered and began to depart, he heard the cries of the officers basileus, Velimir pulled out his dagger and threw it into one of the officers, he entered him in the throat, instead of screaming was heard gurgling in the compartment with wheezing, the officer fell, the horse, the horse began to make turmoil in the structure of the enemy, the enemy down to the remaining ten steps slaves somehow restored order in Russian breasts looked tip copies Velimir tore sling second dagger, he threw it to the side horse, the horse reared up and knocked one of their lances, Velimir not without losing a second, rushed into the gap, followed by the rest of ancient Russians, he wielded his sword, as could, he did not waste time on unnecessary movements accurately hit, prudently, in the back, in the head. He saw one Rusich fell, one slave brandished a spear in order to finish it, Velimir shot him this time his sword in the chest, the servant fell down, Velimir ran up to take his sword, which he had saved Rusich tried to say something, but Velimir just shrugged and said — thank Rod — meanwhile rusichi upset slave phalanx phalanx of waiting ahead of them mercenaries and archers from slingers, ancient Russians, themselves formed a phalanx of hiding behind shields himself Velimir took shield slain enemy, as he used to fight without a shield, Russian were mercilessly shelled, but moving forward. Meanwhile, on the flanks moved rusichej katafraktariev trying to cover the flanks, but they came under Russian archers and slingers, from a distance of five hundred paces rusichej boom hit, and the horsemen, when the distance was reduced, Russian bows threw behind him and put a spear and shield. The cavalry is mired in a battle, meanwhile Russian phalanx approached close to the mercenaries and rushed at them, struck up a fierce battle, the prince himself fought in the front ranks of the troops, his arms were covered in blood enemy, all the governors, Wolf, Sveneld, Asmund fought near Prince Greeks fell, slain with swords, axes, daggers, Russian, sometimes remaining warrior without weapons climbed the Greek with his fists, at some point the mercenaries wavered Russian led the fight last reserves, but the Byzantine Emperor Tzimisces introduced to fight his guards "immortal "one of the Greeks, made his way to the prince and hit, so that the shield broke down and broke in half, Svyatoslav jumped up and caught up in a moment of Greek javelin Wolf, but this small success could not guarantee success, the Russian fought to the death," immortal "exceeds the number of Russian not to mention the remnants of mercenaries and slaves, and the cavalry Wards Skleros could not break through the rear escort Russian. At some point, Velimir was among the soldiers who fought with the prince, rusichi stabbed, "immortal", died behind the immortals were honesty, at the moment when the prince was alone, two archers fired arrows at him, Velimir seeing it ran and jumped into MON all muscles, screaming — PRINCE! — One arrow in the chest Velimir entered, the second in the shoulder Svyatoslav, Prince jerked back, but instead of the agonies of pain, only contempt Broken Arrow, grabbed a sword and rushed into convenient sechu, Velimir, lying, but still breathing, terrible pain pierced his body He bummer boom rose, but without the sword, he ran with his bare hands on the immortal, immortal stabbed him with the sword, but Velimir grabbed him by the throat and all their rage and the remnants of the forces sent in order to kill the last enemy he prayed — "father Perun Give power to kill my last "- in the eyes of the Greeks, he saw the horror — he stabbed deeper Rusichi instead loosen his grip Rusich only strengthened her and strangled him, the last enemy, then he thought it would be only death, another swing at him immortal He looked at it in silence, and for a moment before the Greek had hit Rusich, the sword out of the chest Greek, is Prince Svyatoslav stabbed him with his sword and shouted — take the war, its not throw — three rusichej took still alive, but the waste Velimir he thought — "That's it, here it is Moran's death hovers near me, he even mentally heard" Fear of death, I'm coming for you, "he mentally said," I, of Rhoda Rusich bear Vyatichevskoy land, and I'm not afraid of you skinny "" — thinking about it, he laughed, that strength left — "Bad that I will not see native forests," — he thought — "Bad? I am lost, because both wanted, not disgraced their family, died for the Russian land, is not of such a death, I dreamed of? "- Smile on his face — he closed eyelids, when he was told to mind his strength stepped Iriy.

In memory of the Grand Prince Svyatoslav Igorevich Brave and all who died in the heroic defense Dorstola in July 971.

© Copyright: Yegor Bratsun, 2007

The exploits of the Russian God of War — Svyatoslav

The exploits of the Russian God of War - Svyatoslav

Grand Prince Sviatoslav — is one of the most prominent figures of rich Russian history, unfortunately, virtually forgotten by our government and the official historiography. If the other person who made a huge contribution to the development of Russian civilization, such as Ivan the Terrible and Joseph Stalin, regularly throw mud, you have decided to keep silent about Svyatoslav, subjected to oblivion. Apparently, in order not to stir things past days, too many painful issues can emerge about the pivotal era — the Khazar Khaganate, Judaism rahdonitah, the Christianization of Russia, its consequences, in Byzantium and Rome, destroyed civilization Russes Central Europe.

Although about the era as a time of Svyatoslav, it would be possible at the Russian government in power, to remove a lot of remarkable films, cartoons, write books, returning to the Russian people the knowledge of the present Russian character, uncompromising evil, do not know the middle, which is good and evil.

Prince Svyatoslav "I Rusich!"

One of the myths created about this time — the myth of Princess Olga, "Christian dove", "the great ruler." Integral part of this myth — a tale of "an unprecedented honor," which met the princess in the capital of the Byzantine Empire. In reality, Olga took Constantinople, not as head of state, for example, the Armenian nobles, Hungarian leaders, Bulgarian kings bestow much more generously. Olga on strict Byzantine etiquette was only as an ambassador. Placing lower than the leaders of the nomadic Hungarians. In addition, Olga — the ruler of Russia, which has shaken its neighbors blows her great princes Oleg and Igor concluded with the powerful Byzantine Empire, the contract for the rights of the winners — she arrived in Constantinople. Prophetic Oleg troops walked the Russian Sea (modern Black Sea) owners, Oleg "hung his shield" at the gates of Constantinople, as a sign of protection of Russia and its power. By Igor Byzantine emperors themselves sent ambassadors.

Olga actually opened my rulers "travelers" (there are quite a wise view that a little traveling to foreign countries ruler — a wise ruler than the "traveler") in Russian history, and it is not the best rulers, from Peter the Great and the "weak and evil "of Alexander to Khrushchev and current presidents of the favorites.

The next step is a "great" Olga had an embassy to the King of the East Frankish kingdom Otto (later received the title of Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation). This power was the worst enemy slavyanorusskih tribes in the West (of the land had its origin and the Rurik dynasty, descendants of Rurik, Falcon), in alliance with the papal Rome leading an attack on the North and East Europe. "Crusaders" sword and fire burned Slavic civilization of Central Europe, destroying its cities, destroying the beautiful and ancient temples, clearing all traces of its existence, drawing people to Christianity (before eliminating carriers of knowledge — the priestly class and part of the nobility, who did not recognize the new order ), taking into slavery thousands. Therefore the power of Otto was one of the nests merchants rahdonitov (radanitov), who controlled the slave trade in the vast expanses of Europe and North Africa to the Middle East, Central Asia, having ties with China and India. Emperors and kings, at the request rahdonitov, forbade paying Slavic slaves to Christianity, as Christians would be released. In that period the proud name of the Slavs (famous for its history, speak the same language — know the word), which were the most numerous people in Europe, the Greek, late Latin, German, French, Portuguese, English and other languages were translated as "slave." The confrontation of NATO — Russia (East — West) has over a thousand years. In that period, after several centuries of bitter conflict, brutal battles, seas of blood, thousands of Slavs, Rus, gone into slavery in Western Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the land further into Asia (of course, the major object of the slave trade women and children, as the weaker people who can put up with perforce), Rome and his men of the kingdom were able to Christianize Europe, destroying an entire culture — Western Russia (Wends). Part of the Slavic tribes survived by adopting a religion, partly language and power of the enemy — the Czechs, Slovaks, Croats, Poles, etc. Those who resisted to the end, were killed and almost completely assimilated.

Prince Svyatoslav "I Rusich!"

Traced the analogy with the present time, history tends to repeat unlearned lessons — slave (and child slaves) from Eastern Europe, mainly Slav, after the collapse of the Red Empire completed all brothels and harems of Western Europe, Africa, Middle East. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus every year, thus losing thousands, tens of thousands of people.

What would Olga from this terrible enemy of the Slavs? Embassy was sent to provide Russia "teachers of the Christian faith"! This is the enemy that destroyed thousands of Slavs! In addition, in political terms, this act acknowledged himself a vassal of Russia powers Otto and then Rome, becoming a province of the embryo of Western civilization. This fact, in school and university textbooks is not mentioned, and this is an event of great historical importance — Russia could become, in this scenario, a Catholic country, the type of the Polish kingdom. And carry fire and sword, "the light of the Christian faith" later in Asia. With such alternative peoples of the East and South, there would be only sympathize, Catholicism while establishing his authority brutal methods, drowning in the blood of any attempt at resistance. In another version of the events in Rome would solve the "Russian question" a thousand years ago, "so, Berlin, Vienna and Dresden German cities today, but were Slavic, so, Kiev, Minsk, Novgorod, Smolensk, Rostov, Ryazan now be worn by any other name — Latin or German and Latin.

Naturally, in the state of Otto and Rome enthusiastically embraced the news, and how — without a fight to get power, which is a large area several times larger than the future of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. Subdue without resistance people that their military campaigns shook neighboring great powers and people, descendants of the gods, and tell, Power Falcon.

Christianization of Rus mission entrusted Bishop Adalbert of Trier, he was accompanied by a considerable detachment of soldiers as "peacekeepers." But thank God, we had Prince Svyatoslav, who with his army carried out the operation to "take control" in power. Junior Svyatoslav had sufficient intelligence and influence, of course, it has supported the priestly class, then has a great reputation to respectfully removed from management had fallen into decrepitude mother. Squads of heavily armed Western "missionaries" were cut, and he barely took Adalbert feet from the country of the barbarians. His very first fight of Prince Svyatoslav Brave saved Russia, the entire Russian civilization from Catholicism and westernization, which most likely would have ended the same way as for the powerful tribal alliances Western Russia — lyutichey, obodrichey and mass smaller — full assimilation, mass genocide.

The war with the Khazars

The second fight of Svyatoslav was the war with the Khazar Khaganate. This parasitic formation, "miracle-Judaic" drank a lot of Russian blood — took a subordinate Slavic tribal alliances tribute to people, "the white girl from the smoke" (hence the Russian fairy tales in a snake, which demanded the "white girl" the sacrifice) conducted a brutal genocide and total subordination against the Slavs, who were residents of the Khazars (in Arabic sources, they made up a significant percentage of the population of the Khazars) destroyed princely families in Unions Vyatichi, Radimichi Northerners, to raid to free the land of the Slavs, leading for sale thousands of people. Russ remembered the treacherous attack 912, which is crying out for revenge, patience was packed. Struggle with the Khazars were still Rurik (Rarog-Falcon), Prophetic Oleg and Igor — they inflicted a series of defeats the enemy, liberated territory previously vassal of Khazars, including the Kiev region — land clearings. But the biggest blow was Svyatoslav — he crushed snake nests, destroying this country, vast territory under the control of the Russian prince.

In 964 Svyatoslav on the Oka and Volga world included in its power tributaries Khazars — Vyatichi, the soldiers of the alliance have joined his army. In 965 struck the Volga Bulgar, emptying the city of Bulgar and land Burtases (in Arabic sources), then went down the Volga. In a fierce battle in the capital of the Khazars — Itil — his soldiers destroyed the army of the Khazars and then took the city by storm. This blow to the very heart Khaganate Svyatoslav cut down the snake's head, broke the control system throughout the State, now he could push other nests, without fearing to meet the total forces of the Khazars. After this firestorm walked through the possessions of Khazars, including the North Caucasus — were subject to the tribes of jars and Kasogs, captured the fortress Samandar (modern Caspian Dagestan). Last took a strong fortress on the Don — Sarkel. Svyatoslav not simply destroyed the power rahdonitov, Khazar state, he wisely started to establish Russian control in this area — the garrisons were left in Itil, Samandar, Sarkel became White Vezhoy, it was then based Tmutarakan principality. Thus, Russian entrenched in the North Caucasus in the 19th century, and for a thousand years before. Arab sources (Ibn Haukal) became known as the "Russian River" is not Don (as Al Masoudi), and Volga. Comes out, and Ivan the Terrible, but will give us the "Russian River," and here the thoughts and works of Svyatoslav Igorevich were first.

Sources say the great warrior Svyatoslav intolerance and himself to the "strong points" hostile world — a legacy of Judaism, Christianity, Islam in Khazaria uproot the roots. And here with the mind of a warrior sage knew what he was doing, it was going through an attack on religion ancient Vedic heritage of faith Russes. And do not think that Svyatoslav and his army destroyed all the Khazar people, except those who managed to escape. It is clear that uprooted Jewish (and part time to escape) and allied Turk (Muslim) elites are likely destroyed the Christian community, or part of, the primary mass pagan, ordinary people ("Black Khazars") is not affected — who did not resist , becoming the subjects of Svyatoslav. It is necessary to take into account the psychology of the Rus of the time — resistance ruthlessly crushed, but ordinary people do not hurt, the Rus, the Slavs even slavery was not. Captured after several years of work (type of modern forced labor — for misdemeanors, crimes) received free and able to return to their home country or to remain in the community as full members.

His next Strike Svyatoslav sent to the Byzantine empire, the empire of the Romans, the heiress of the Roman Empire, freeing Slavic Bulgaria. But let us leave this issue aside, summarizing the events discussed.

Results of the first victories of Svyatoslav

— Svyatoslav Brave saved Russia from the clutches of papal Rome, changing history with one blow of his squads. Russia and the Russian people are not under the authority of the Western world and then the control center — Rome. Thus, Svyatoslav saved our nation and civilization from total destruction and dissolution.

— Svyatoslav broken age-old enemy — the Snake, Wonder-Judaic, the dark realm of Koschei. Were released thousands of Slavic slaves, including the subjects of the Khazar Kagan — Slavs Don and Kuban.

— Russia has established itself on the Volga (the "Russian River") and the North Caucasus, the first prince Tmutarakan principality was the son of Svyatoslav, in Byzantine sources — "Sfengo" ("Zvenko, Zvyaga"?)

— Svyatoslav was able to conclude an alliance with the people of the steppe, including the Pechenegs, who helped crush the Khazars.

— Preparing for the strike — the liberation campaign of the Balkan Peninsula, the war with the Romans.


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