Prosecuted for vandalism in Kurapaty Forest

Police opened a criminal case against the unknown, which damaged the crosses in Kurapaty.

After making inquiries prosecuted under the first part of Article 339 "hooliganism" of the Criminal Code of Belarus in respect of the unknown, which is between 31 October and 6 November in the tract "Kurapaty" of hooliganism injured 38 wooden crosses "-" Interfax " in the Department of Internal Affairs of Minsk region.

As reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus, "the fallen crosses were placed on the perimeter of the forest. Moreover, all — in one direction, toward the woods."

There also noted that "such cases are Kurapaty recorded previously. For example, in 2008 for his tricks — damage to property in the tract — Criminal proceedings were instituted against two teenagers from Minsk. "

On the last weekend in Borovljansky police department of Minsk district received a call that crosses in Kurapaty damaged and was then assigned to verify.

Kurapaty — place near Minsk, where in the years 1937-1941 the NKVD executioners were shot, according to various estimates, from 40 to 200 thousand people.

In April — May 1988, in a wooded area Kurapaty human remains were found, these facts became widely known through the work of Zenon Pozniak and the NGO "Martyrology of Belarus."

In June 1988, a government commission, the prosecutor's office and BSSR prosecuted under the revealed facts.

In the course of the investigation, as confirmed in the announcement of the General Prosecutor of the Republic of Belarus in June 1996, found that is From 1937 to 1941, the NKVD BSSR shot repressed citizens of the republic.

When viewed from a forest revealed that in about 30 hectares located 510 graves, of which during the exhumation tested 8 and 6 of them found the skeletal remains of people, clothing and other personal belongings of the victims.

In commemoration of victims to crosses and other memorials, billboards with slogans.

In Kurapaty repeatedly committed acts of vandalism.



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