Published a book of remembrance of the disappeared We Remember

To the Day of solidarity with political prisoners and was released to coincide with the nested Vladimir Khalip book "We Remember."

The presentation took place on Tuesday evening. Opened the presentation Nikolai Khalezin, were Irina Krasovskaja, compiler of the book Vladimir Khalip.

The main thing about as mentioned byaxis at the presentation: Ten years of the barriers to the distinctive history of Belarus people — 5 people. For stories this time — moment, and for families — it's an eternity.

One of the founders and initiators of this project Krasovskaja Irina came to the presentation of America:

"Today we have presented a book called" We Remember. "This book is about our loved ones that were stolen 11 years ago … time goes by, we change, the world changes, but the people we're talking about, remain the as they were 11 years ago. in the book — 24 essays that are written relatives, friends, colleagues. Our close there are no politics, and people. This book is about love … "

Vladimir Khalip and Nikolai Khalezin

Irina Krasovskaja

Nikolai Khalezin

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