Rally at gilyatiny

Company "guillotine" Grodno "lovingly" called the Soviet era monument dedicated to the 850th anniversary of the city. Between two concrete pillars at a substantial height zalapany plate, which is shaped very much like just gilyatiny blade. The construction of this, however, is in the middle of nowhere — in Kaloskim Park. Nearby you can see the rare but sometimes the townspeople.

Get out!

The entire political elite Grodno not hide disappointment authorities have once again demonstrated that the presidential campaign — nobody needs initiative. Perhaps for her power, everything is known in advance. Of those candidates who want to talk to people on the street, refer to the back, away from the eyes. And with the apparent aim to annoy the opposition, they pour salt on the wound.

The current municipal authorities can not but know that the representatives of parties, trade unions, employers, workers constantly protested when they were sent earlier to hold rallies near the "gilyatiny." I remember the late Alexander Mikhalchik, later head of the city BNF, always with sorrow say, well, how is it, why we are sent back to where only walk their dogs, why the government only allows itself to hold public events in the center?

However, a couple of times the opposition had to agree to meetings in a deserted park. By the way: even though he is not far from the city center, from public transportation to the monument to the 850th anniversary of a kilometer. The authorities in this one did not hide their intentions, hopes that the rally will come unless those who have a car or — the most ardent opposition. And this is a big plus to the capital can be Having reported that the meeting was a success quite uncrowded.


Interesting fact: the former mayor one day decided to fight the opposition, and appeared with his entourage at a rally near the "gilyatiny" which was dedicated to the deterioration of living conditions in the country. To do this, drove the car in the back which made the podium. And, remember, he's head with counter-propaganda speech advocates, but for ten or twenty paces about five ensigns, knocking the snow, trying to wring one of the leaders of the local BPF. Nearby is waiting for police chiefs.

Around screaming — what you do, it's Professor Ostrovsky! Professor? Who is a professor? He also beneefovets! — Meet the police. And it sounds almost like a death sentence. In short, all the same, that saboteurs, a spy, an enemy … Finally, several opposition in handcuffs roughly pushed into the "funnel". A meanwhile Mayor in the back of a truck into a microphone tells how fine and was free to live in the country of Belarus. By the way, the park then had another ex — Soviet archaic name — "the name 40 years LKSMB" on which the authorities could not dare to raise his hand.

But at least it was not like the opposition to hold a meeting in the suburbs, and park officials soon with the "guillotine" was closed to them, stopped giving permission. Ten years have passed, no joke! So can the opposition vain offense and the current resolution of the presidential candidate to meet with voters outside of that "gilyatiny" should be regarded as utter thaw? What do you think about this?

Pop, not elections

A significant change: a few years, the authorities have appointed specifically for the events in the heart of the Soviet space, rekanstruiravavshy it. Before the palace of culture Khrushchev era sashtukovvayuts now more team scene, powerful guchniki plant, reclining in front of the public. And — that pop music concerts, the ideological authority to arrange holidays, there was a festival of bikers out there, hundreds of motorcycles gathered, honey fair was also sold with a live fish tank cars. In short, sometimes going even tens of thousands of people.

Recently, the townspeople watched at all strange event: a day on the set of the Soviet scene to sing police band. Spectators were not at all — day business and weather — chilly, vyatrystae, with rain. In short, pop music, performances by a police initiative, all the fish — it is very important for the government. Meet the candidates for president, vice versa — just a kind of "nepotrebschina." Officials do not care about the inconvenience they create citizens by appointing, as if in mockery, a place near the "gilyatiny" — "to hold meetings, rallies and picketing." If you want to listen to the live fresh party presidential campaign — that's you — you have stomping goodness knows where, away from the eyes! If only the center was not any visible opposition candidates to witness the "Hero City" that "all is calm in Baghdad," "everything is under control," everything is under control.

Political activists are asking themselves the question: what kind of power, which causes inconvenience to people during the main event of the political life of the country? But this, of course, a rhetorical question. The opposition still nostalgically remembered as the current President, then — the usual candidate, with no problems and played in the Khrushchev Palace of Culture in the Soviet area and next to him, twice came, democratic government in 1994, is no obstacle to him has been received. Who are the candidates to meet voters prohibited.

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