Registered new Super minimum area of Arctic sea ice



According to the U.S. National Center for Snow and Ice, 16 September sea ice in the Arctic has reached a minimum value in the history of satellite observations — 3.41 million square kilometers. Thus, on the planet installed a new climate antirecord.




Reduction of ice throughout the year.

Previous seasonal minimum was 4.17 million square kilometers and was recorded September 18, 2007. The difference between the records (760,000 square kilometers) is commensurable to the State of Texas, refine U.S. experts.

Historic low of ice, 16 September 2012 © NNVL | NOAA

White color shows the actual area of ice, black — the norm for this time.
Now, due to changes in astronomical factors, which result in seasonal lowering of the temperature background, begins the process of ice growth. However, this does not mean that the melt season finally ended. Changes in wind patterns could push the ice for a further reduction.

The average area of ice during this period of the year is 18% less than the record in 2007 and a 49% lower rate, calculated over the period 1979-2000.

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