Remove the child and corrupt — the Law on Juvenile Justice will finish West Russia

Law on Juvenile Justice will finish West Russia.

Sly adopted anti-national law on juvenile justice (Yuyu). Haste is due to the fact that billionaire George Soros on the pretext of protecting the rights of children in Russia has allocated to the project for the removal of children from low-income families $ 1 billion in money to take urgent to develop. That is why the recent avalanche swept the TV screen eerie about mistreatment of Russians with children. Under this project would have taken the pressure in the spring, if not for one "but" provocateurs and lobbyists understand that Yuyu at any time can destroy not only the poor families, but also their own.

Unfortunately, many people think that in Russia by Yuyu kids will confiscate only marginal — and rightly so. Society is accustomed to the fact that children today are taking away parents alcoholics, drug addicts, child molesters and sadists. He can not comprehend that everything would be different: any family at any time can become a victim of Yuyu. Juveniles can be a major repressive machinery of the state. Siloviki, or officer will only need to send the service to the family to a businessman or a journalist obstinate truth-how the system will work by itself. To find fault with, the inspector finds Yuyu, rest assured. Will either have to agree — think for himself how much would you pay for your child or take him away. The scheme is the same as the notorious anti-extorsion, but in this case all officially.

Enough, for example, to advise the 13-year daughter to bring her mother, which does not allow sex to engage in with her boyfriend, led to the apartment unfamiliar guys and watch porn on the internet to the house raided by OPEC to inspection and examination: what girl sleeps, he eats -drinking, that is, and so on. According to the results or the status of the child will appropriate SOP — socially dangerous situation, or NHP — needs state protection.

In the first case, the mother will give a chance to "fix" under the supervision of volunteers and employees Yuyu-care, the second — in a matter of days can take her daughter and to determine the "best conditions for their personal development." Say, to give on education abroad in seven wealthy homosexuals. New procedures for bills "On social patronage" and "The Social Control of orphans and children left without parental care" such developments make the norm.

These laws have not been adopted, but as an experiment that has engulfed many of the provinces, they already regulate the procedure of transfer of children, and not just because of some really orphaned distress, but by removing them from the juvenile parents.

The first victims

Sad fruits of such an exception is known, but the TV does not even think to raise the alarm. Obtained mandate to remain silent. Meanwhile, in the Volgograd region opened a criminal case against the educator of the institution where the spoil juvenals gave parents six year old boy. Child willfully took the kitchen sweets. Noticing this, the teacher began to drive out of the baby's confession and beat until the baby lost consciousness. Animator of Kotovo diagnosed intracranial hematoma and brain contusion severe. The boy was operated on urgently.

In the Rostov region a young woman who takes the children and committed suicide. Wine it was, that misfortune fell on her one after the other: husband died, burned down the house, came to live with the mother and has not found work. The State did not care for her and her children. Best view by officials elected weaning children.

In the Arkhangelsk region played out another tragedy. Three children, Ellen Serganova, cooks Plesetsk military unit, juvenals sent to an orphanage, and her maternal rights deprived for one day after her divorce from her husband, a parasite she came to the kindergarten for the youngest daughter in a drunken state. The decision to remove children decision should be made in absentia. Elena found out about it when the bailiffs come pick them up. So, once again came to the orphanage, poor mother found out that her oldest daughter — 15-year-old Christina — hanged. The administration pleaded not guilty, claiming that the girl was cheerful and fun, but always yearned home and ran away. Guardianship authorities keep silent, and in the Education Department at the court nod: say, he made the fateful decision, let him answer and revises its verdict against the other children.

But it is another lie. Whatever the finished result, which does not exclude the version of the murder of Christina, the chance to return the children of Helen negligible. At best, they moved from the children's home, where Christina died in foster care.

Position SOP already appropriated children from quite wealthy families, if their mother did not agree with cesarean delivery on or abandoned questionable childhood vaccinations or prescribed by a pediatrician supply system, and the product in a baby kitchen. One of the mothers came to the custody account, because, with the consent of her husband flew with a newborn baby to his parents, without asking a children's clinic. Other — because children allowed students to fast and they refused to school lunches.

Sex bomb

Naive people will ask, where we roll and looking to the state? We're rolling into slavery to transnational corporations, and the state has long been looking only at the price of oil and gas.

Most Russian officials put people give a damn. Yuvenalka advantageous. Half the population of the country through the efforts of Boris Yeltsin and his team still lives in poverty, broken-down "hruschobah" for which to pay public utilities as a mansion. Governors and mayors are easier to take the children from poor families with many children and single mothers than to improve living conditions and to pay benefits.

Parents without children before retirement will die of grief, alcoholism and poverty. And orphans in orphanages trained aunts and so brainwashed that my mother did not worry. Will be a generation of zombies, ready to do anything for sub teachers goals and ideals. For example, consider enemies and hate all red or whose growth is more than meter ninety.

All this is included in the so-called plan of CIA director Allen Dulles to control society and especially of Russia, which is in the family life, even in the era of militant atheism remained true moral Orthodox tradition.

West has long realized without changing the socio-psychological code of the population a country can not win. But any kind of corruption, drug and porn to prostitution and pedophilia — this is a very profitable business. Besides fast twitch lifetime fallen citizens, no longer able to work, but still want to eat and get benefits.

That is why the cornerstone of juvenile technologies to replace psychosocial code teenagers — "Sex education and education of children." That boys and girls have forgotten their field and an associated duty to the family and society, the liberal Russian offer to introduce our bill on "gender equality." He declares sexual identity and prohibits harmful to criticize same-sex relationships. The word "perversion" is taboo.

It is true that pedophilia is still not officially classified as "normal sexual preference." But the relief is not far off when the kids have such wonderful teachers, as the authors of a new sex encyclopedia, addressed to children 8 — 11 years. It gives details about rebyatni self-satisfaction, homosexuality and exhibitionism, allowing to enjoy showing off their genitals to strangers. Tips on how to make a "good woman", equipped with pictures. Wrote the manual along with his daughter Muscovite Yevgeny Fadeev. But the Urals educational intentions of the author did not understand. Heroic fighters Yuyu prosecutors demanded to withdraw from sale this masskultseksprosvet. They promised to send books to the examination to determine the suitability of their content for young children. Now everything depends on the verdict of the experts.


Renowned psychologist Tatiana Shishova long warned Russian officials and oligarchs close to them that the juvenile system — a double-edged weapon. Because they know better than anyone that the hypocrisy of our country there is no limit, so Yuyu at any time can turn against them.

Children in schools in the classroom sex education will be taught to masturbate with gusto, and the Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture — criticize liberal values such as divorce, premarital sex, adultery, or entertainment at a strip bar. And with the adoption of the juvenile mode even "elite" mom-dad, seen in some commercials, can be accused of bad example, which is contrary to the program and prevents the realization of children's right to a quality education. And not in every situation rich parents can pay off in time or leave the country. So it is better parent committee domestic millionaires and billionaires to chip and quickly organize antiyuvenalnoe lobby. Otherwise, no one will leave an inheritance.

Ahead of the rest

Supporters of the juvenile justice like to point out that tsarist Russia — the first country in the world, where was established juvenile court. This is true, but not all. In tsarist Russia, grounds for termination of parental rights was only the death of the parents. In the Code of the Russian Empire chapter, "On Power parent" said: "The power of a parent extends to children of both sexes and all ages." To correct the wayward parents to give children the right to use domestic punishment and bring complaints to the court of justice for making young stroptivtsev to prison.

Czar Nicholas II introduced juvenile court for children who have committed a crime, only to cancel all court procedures that could frighten the child. The main task of a judge — to bring to repentance.

"In personal insults from children to parents does not accept any claim — no civil or criminal proceedings." Parents to be tried if they are tortured children, no food or forced to engage in illegal activities. The decision about the child juvenile judge could not stand alone, for this gathering a board of trustees of eminent persons, clergy and educators.

What if they came for your children

Do not let the representatives of the guardianship of the apartment. On the phone to call your friends with a video camera or journalists. Before they came not to open the door.

Do not stay with the care alone without the inclusion of the recorder. And especially not allowed to talk to the child. But tell me that you, in accordance with the law, not against his interview in the presence of your family lawyer. In kindergarten or school, leave a letter saying that you do not allow any third party and teachers talk with your child about school subjects do not.

Do not sign any documents required to leave you with a copy for review.

If intruders refused to give their names and the names and do not compare them with the ID, try to take a picture of their face. And on the same day to publish photos online. Visitors may volunteer provocateurs whose mission to bring you out of yourself and make a denunciation. For these denunciations and then apply the guardianship.

Pursue criminal cases for false accusation (Article 306 of the Criminal Code).


Sergei Kurginyan politician, signed an open letter to the authorities against the introduction in Russia Yuyu Western-style:

— In France, the abuse of children even see a rocking baby. But if the child is crying, the family can bring. And children with diapers stuffed soothing. Accustom to the pot can not be there, too — violence. Children almost to go to school in diapers. We have the same parents will be punished for what they are "through inaction create conditions that prevent normal upbringing and development of children." And what is "inaction"?

This can be interpreted as anything. Instead of helping, the state allocates 257 000 420 rubles a year for social workers, which controls a particular family. This is the height of cynicism — to punish the family for poverty, but in fact — for the mistakes of politicians and bureaucrats who can not provide a decent standard of living. And looking to appoint for the money, which would help the family survive.

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