Residents complain about the Krasnoyarsk forest fire could and hope for rain

Environmental risks of forest fires-zaprodolzhayuschihsya stored in the Krasnoyarsk region. According to MOE, the latest air samples showed no excessive body content of hazardous substances. But city residents still complain of poor health due to smog and haze.

According to the MOE, the fires in the coming days will be fully localized.

According to the Krasnoyarsk forest fire center, in the province recorded 79 forest fires. The most tense in the Boguchan and Yenisei areas. Work in fire 1469 people and 154 pieces of equipment. Settlements no threat. The region continued to operate the state of emergency imposed on 26 June.

Meteorologists forecast for the coming days is favorable. In the Krasnoyarsk Territory will freeze, which will contribute to the normalization of the situation with forest fires in the region.

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