Riddle marshes Ilkley

February 21, 2012 17:03

Ilkley swamp, located near the town of the same name in the county of Yorkshire in the UK, gained fame perhaps the most amazing of anomalous zones of the planet, because the marshes, dominated by the emission of ancient rock mines, often in the presence of many witnesses substitute reality ungainly, but such the blood run cold.
A London-based paranormal investigator Arthur Tomplinson this wonder of nature, to care rather than God, the devil, is characterized as follows: "Violence against human psyche — the essence of the" soul "quagmire. Century after century, there is one and the same! Dancing poisonous blue lights sometimes burn out by the roots uniquely beautiful thicket of reeds. Visible, clear projection of the people and events of the past. Huge black or white dogs with eyes, torches, knocking down the travelers are not weighing his own, but the imaginary aggressiveness or elusively quietly fade away or torn apart by explosions that leave on the paths of a handful of ash, which can kindle a match, because it is pure sulfur … '

However, all these "tricks" Tomplinson refers to the side effects of the main phenomenon of wetlands — the UFO phenomenon, which he called selective — says researcher of anomalous phenomena A. Volodya. Why is selective? And because, in the past two decades has involved exclusively and only police officers and high-ranking ranks rescue and disaster relief. The most interesting thing that is haunted not only ufologists, but also representatives of official science — is what drives allow crews shining record on film as their own, and their technological devices: this is not peculiar tightness, mimics, elusive phenomenon. But however cooperate for, facts are facts. They are stubborn things. And the police, hiding under two pseudonyms Ivan Doe and Philip Spencer, got 1 December 1987 in a mess with a black and brown dog smelly humanoid entity, after ten years, spoke clearly: "In swamps with me was something unimaginable, the questioning of all what is considered normal. Now, I exist in a vacuum of disbelief, trying to build on something that is durable and non-material "hologram" — a product of the quagmire. Despite this, I am convinced that the incident took place in reality, the more they possess photographs — a reminder that this whole mess was a waking dream. "
A police officer, who is in service to this day, does not pursue selfish ends, is not prone to hoaxes. Just fear of harm's career, he chose to bring the truth to people, as he put it, "unvarnished and while incognito." We use the opportunities available to them in a concise form to describe the events in the swamps and in the laboratory scientists at Manchester University.

Thus, in 7 hours 10 minutes in the morning the Dow Spencer, hanging on the neck of the camera, "Nikon", charged highly sensitive color film "Kodak", and a case with a compass, went to the swamp, hoping to take pictures of birds with feathers unusual color, has announced there. Part of the plan to the crest of the rise of an old quarry, with spectacular views of the town of Ilkley. Plans collapsed.

A fragment of a police report, compiled at the request of Arthur Tomplinsona, reads: "Passing the building of the old baths White Wells, I'm passing along a drainage ditch and tree planting, went down to the quarry, where there was a lot of times and never noticed anything unusual. This time my head touched a black ankle boots and a cloud forms. Immediately there was a dog. Giant size, it moved me, feet touching the ground. I do not have time to get scared. Because managed several times to click the shutter camera. The dog had disappeared with the sound of ducks flying up from the water. In the viewfinder, I saw how it took place at all curious little creature — a brown dwarf with a perfectly round head, plump, though inflated with air, arms and legs. Again and again, press the shutter button, trembling with excitement. A creature has to climb the ridge, gesturing that I cleaned that it distracting. I also seized an obsessive desire to catch it to show as material evidence. I ran up to the ridge. To my surprise and disappointment saw scuttling dwarf took off, jumped into the expiring molten metal box with a loud bang pushed into the rounded dome of sparkling, with untidy edges drooping drive. Cloud-to-disk cut ankle and left uprooted a few trees, by which I hid. I went home to Ilkley. On the road again attacked black dog. She again harmlessly exploded like a Christmas petard behind me. Struck me that this crazy ride took time to two hours longer than I thought. "

Printed Photo, police discovered that the camera lens is displayed in the exactly what he saw in the swamps. Arthur called Tomplinsonu which, in turn, sought the assistance of the photojournalist journal "British Journal of-photos» Geoffrey Crawley. The latter, exposing pictures examination using a special computer program, given the conclusion that the installation traces were found. Specialists of the company "Kodak" came to a similar conclusion.
But this is not all. Trying to take advantage of our reliable marine compass, the Dow Spencer was surprised to see that the arrow to change the polarity. This intrigued physicist Edward Spooner, chief of the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, University of Manchester. He took the same compass and after several unsuccessful attempts made sure that the polarity of the reference compass changed. "Certainly, the compass police have had any unique external influence, — concluded the scientist — it hardly achievable in the laboratory. After all, the weakest field, which we have applied, had a flux density of about 0.1 Tesla. This is a terrible value in 2000 times greater than the Earth's field. Therefore peremagnitit compass remotely in the field, without the use of bulky, energy-magnet at the present level of technology is unreal … "

Tomplinson, having solid materials expertise, completely threw doubt insincerity police officer. Dow Spencer, he said that he, with others likely to play dirty tricks swamp Ilkley — Powerful anomalous zone. At that meeting, he asked, does not want a police officer to undergo regressive hypnosis to find out where he was in for two hours. The officer does not hesitate to agree, because at night it did not let obsessive dreams fathomless sky and whimsical design of the spacecraft.
Undertaken business renowned British psychologist and hypnotherapist Jim Singleton. Under hypnosis, the police said that as soon as he buttoned up his camera case, was in a tube with transparent, brightly illuminated walls, penetrating into the bottom of the brilliant disc. Only once, while in a plastic that changes shape white room, he felt discomfort in the nose when he was subjected to a medical examination apparatus, accepted the outlines of his naked body. Then he showed two movies, warnings about the future of the Earth: a poisoned industrial waste water of the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, and to the base of the destroyed city, a painful mass extinction of humans and animals from hunger and thirst.
The third film was about the delicate, does no credit to the Dow Spencer events. Its content is not in a hypnotic sleep or in waking state he refused. Stay on board the UFO completion of further space voyages. A police officer visited the planet, whose inhabitants do not need anything, flourished. "They have no idea of procreation in our sense, because they do not have genitals. These psevdolyudi, in the hands of which three toes on his feet for two — fork definitely immortal, definitely intelligent robots ", — said the Dow Spencer.

Coe rocks-and-Kaf spaced at 400 meters from the quarry, where a police officer was abducted by aliens. Lies near Edtsinghemskaya tarmac road. Here in the past five years alternately aboard UFOs were four police officers, three firefighters and two rescuers. All of them willingly came into contact with the UFO, it appeared that the abduction evolved in uniform, routine scenario. Is that black dogs were missing. "What does all this mean?" — Asks geophysicist Paul Devero. And he answers: "Wetlands are directly related to seismic stresses of the soil, releasing energy that distort the fundamental properties of space-time, when the usual course of things as it turns, developing false." Maybe so. But where does the rock fell out of the ancient mines, is declining by three percent? While she was useless. For technologies of the future — is priceless.

NN Nepomniachtchi, "Supernatural forces of nature"

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