Riddle of youth — in the magnetic energy?

May 15, 2012 20:11

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The man has a soul. It is material. This is a bunch of magnetic energy, which controls all of our body, including the brain. This confident engineer Victor KUKSIN

Worn to holes?

— For every person out your already programmed to support the work of the body for a certain number of years of the life of a piece of energy — he shares their guesses. — Terminate our lives sooner or later tempered by unknown forces period this lump can not. On the contrary, the soul helps and protects us. That is, the body maintains the integrity, protects it from external influences, from dangerous cosmic rays.

 Assistance is provided when during failures, stress our energy exudes is ejected from the body. It is no accident people who possess the ability to see the aura of the man, saying that in the shell next to the sick organ, there are always holes. Here the soul and seeks to replenish energy sick body itself.
— Ever wonder — continues Kuksin — why the human heart works in rhythm such a long time? Where there enough energy to support the circulation? Elixir of youth, longevity pill — it is only for cleaning the body. Riddle of youth — the magnetic energy of the soul. Unfortunately, it is not eternal. She, like all of the magnetic elements, also requires a periodic replenishment.

Sammy magnets

There is a logical question — where is the source of power? According to Kuksina, this "generator" may be the energy of other people. But this "energy vampirism," and he prefer to draw energy out of the vast magnetic field. But the surplus magnetic energy, says Victor, leads us to the unknown phenomena. For example, a person begins to have some psychic ability — see the future, move objects.
— Maybe sverhuvelichenie magnetic energy is not just in some way affects the increase in the number of brain cells, and increases the percentage is "thinking" gray cells? — Asks the engineer. Can I manage this lump of energy — while it is a question without an answer. Kuksin but suggests that there is a mechanism of magnetic charge "batteries" of man.
— Survivors of near-death people have claimed that their soul was flying on a spiral colored tunnel. I do not exclude that the magnetic cluster refilled their energy through the spiral of magnetic astral to get back into the body and heal the body. In the infinite possibilities of the human mind engineer believes and believes that the magnetic field of the Earth can ever be used for extending human life.

Sleep — while charging

All these arguments about the soul and batteries, not included in the kit, can, and will seem to someone nonsense. But last year, Russian scientists, not knowing anything about the original hypothesis of our countryman, with different experiments found a "socket". It was our brains. Sleeper.
The fact is that for a long time in neurophysiology was thought that sleep a person needs in order to handle the day gathered information. Still, scientists have claimed, during sleep can solve emotional problems. That is the main problem of sleep — the brain to switch off from the body and deal with their own problems. While Sc.D., Senior Fellow, Institute for Information Transmission Problems Ivan Pigarev not put forward an interesting hypothesis that during sleep the brain cortex switches to the analysis of messages coming from the internal organs. That is, it is during sleep, the brain on the basis of information from distributed throughout the body receptors, assesses the physical condition of the body and to develop programs of action to keep it in "working" condition. By the way, our countryman says that gaining muscle from the field of the Earth is at rest. So maybe, while we sleep, our soul, "mending" electromagnetic threads thankless our body?


According to Victor Kuksina, our entire universe is a huge mechanism, which is in constant motion. And all space objects live by the laws of magnetism in the vacuum environment. Each object a magnetic potential between bodies acts vortex magnetic field. Once upon a time took the object's orbit, having an attraction or "pushed" from the other. A "black hole" — are areas in space with a large cluster of planets, forming a powerful magnetic core. It tightens the other body. But it seems that the question of "who started where the key is and why it still spinning?" Concerned only with humans. Other space nations already in full use of the planetary magnetic energy.

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