Romanchuk offers a unified program for the opposition candidates

Potential presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk offers Democratic contender for the presidency to sign a single program for change. This is stated in the press service of the policy statement.

Romanchuk believes that a single opposition candidate in the elections will not be: there is no clear winner, but there are leaders with their structures, resources, and authority. Impossible and total boycott, as too different people were among the applicants. At the same time, he notes, 50% of citizens have not yet decided for whom to vote.

In this situation Romanchuk has, in his opinion, "the most realistic, loyal and reliable way consolidation of all democratic political forces." "We can combine a single program for change. Suggest all potential candidates possible faster start its development and coordination. Given the values and interests of the stakeholders I pledge before November 15 2010 submit a draft of such a program. Its five core values — freedom, independence, democracy, rule of law and the market economy. "

Romanchuk believes that until November 24 program can be agreed and adopted by consensus. "In this case, no matter who is registered, is obliged to use it as his presidential campaign. Voters will hear from all the supporters of change is the same," — he said.

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