Rooks Su-39 — the tanks will not pass

Analyzing the actions of combat aircraft in the last big military clashes and conflicts, it is safe to say that the tasks performed by the assault fighters, have been worked out with precision and efficiency.

Assault fighter Su-39 is, in fact, a complex of a flying military arsenal to defeat armored enemy targets.

Rooks Su-39 - the tanks will not pass

The main purpose of the aircraft can be divided into three tasks:
— destruction of armored ground vehicles (tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled guns) at any time of the day in different weather conditions.
— settlement of surface ships (destroyers, frigates, amphibious ships, rocket and gun boats).
— destruction of aircraft groups and enemy planes in the sky and on the ground.

Plane The Su-39 is a continuation of the project development of the Su-25T, and because the pre-1996 aircraft carried the title of the Su-25TM, for now you can meet in the description of ground attack both names.

It is not so long ago, in the sky there were only two really good-quality ground attack, Russian Su-25 and A-10 South American. But with the emergence of Russian Su-39 the situation changes in tasks and task rivals attack aircraft for the time being to do, but on features superior Western counterparts.

A unique feature of stormtrooper — inflated damage control, originating from fire and equipped armor protection engine compartment fuel tanks with polyurethane foam processing and retreading, cabin with titanium armor and broneblokom windshield. All of these improvements minimize losses getting the pilot and main damage control systems small-caliber projectiles, bullets and shrapnel mnogokalibernymi missiles.

Stormtrooper can without the help of others to define and identify goals, objectives, and choose the value type of weapon used. Each wing has 5 pods, which are installed on the 16 missiles "Whirlwind", 4 missiles "air-to-surface" missiles "air-air" eight launchers with 160 rockets, bombs although the caliber, tanks incendiary consistency, four mounted guns. Weight lifted 6,000 pounds of ammunition.

Rooks Su-39 - the tanks will not pass

Widespread use of functional gunship in the Armed Forces, will lead to a significant reduction of the aircraft fleet and personnel and military spending — attack plane will be able to change the 2-3 plane narrowly focused action.

The main features of the Su-39:
— APK "Squall" — aiming complex allows precise aiming at a distance of 10 km with an accuracy of 0.6 meters;
— ATGM "Whirlwind" — capable of killing up to 14 modern tanks with armor up to 10 cm, and helicopters;
— Aircraft station "Pastel" allows you to get accurate information on ground and air radar working. This allows them to use against Kh-58UE, X-31P or kill with Kh-25ML or missile complex "Whirlwind";
— Radar PC "Spear" is intended for the guidance of precision weapons against small mobile and stationary targets in all conditions and with the opposition of enemy air defenses;
— Low-level television system "Mercury" allows you to create missile launching laser-guided bomb and create objects of the enemy in the night hours and bad visibility;
— The opportunity to continue flying on one engine.

Specifically, possession of a complex "Whirlwind" is building the Su-39 in the category of multi-purpose aircraft. High accuracy of defeat, supersonic flight to the target, a fairly large range of actions allow the use of rocket complex "Whirlwind" on air, surface and ground armored targets.

Rooks Su-39 - the tanks will not pass

Attack plane The Su-39 can produce as take-off and landing on unprepared practically dirt runway length of 1,200 meters.
Plane can be lifted into the sky on diesel fuel an unlimited resource, does not require highly skilled technical spices, easy to use and available to pilots of different qualifications.

First factory test flight on the model of the Su-39 "T8TM-1" was made February 4, 1991. Total occurred about 3,000 test flights and 40 launches of missiles complex "Whirlwind." Absolutely completed configuration ligament complexes "Squall" — "Whirlwind" finished binding RLPK "Spear" and missile systems.

Price 1-Attack Aircraft Sou-39 — 180 million rubles.

Rooks Su-39 - the tanks will not pass

When the military conflict, the main task of defending side — destruction of enemy aircraft, armored ground vehicles, surface ships. Functional stormtroopers Sou-39 solve these puzzles up to 900 km.

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