Rus, Rusich, Russian

Rus, Rusich, Russian

Appears in many publications fasilsikatsiya concepts Rus, Rusich. It is said that as there is no such ruses. The Russian Constitution is all nations, except Russian. The Constitution does not Russian. However, sometimes the heads of the state still negotiated, saying that Putin recently in an interview: "… for the Russian and other peoples living in Russia."

It is believed that the concept of "Russian", "Rus" comes from the fact Varangian prince named Rus, who was invited to Russia to rule. Its name was called as if people and the country. His children were Rusichi, all the rest were Russian.

As well as the name of Moscow (as can be read in modern literature, and guides to mention them) supposedly came from the merger of two names: the prince was called Moscow, his wife — Kwa, and when applied to both of them, it turned out, Moscow, and became well known and the city. Stupider than you can imagine.

Mosca — Hail bound-grounded star, burning evil — the savior of the world from evil.

Such ignorance is actually very greatly reduces vibrations and to those who live in our country, and all that has been created by our people. We live in a country in which no nationality at least a "Russian". There are only Russians. It is unclear where the undertaken under Peter the country name "Russia" and its residents — the Russians.
Since ancient times, the planet Terra — Terem, House of the Sun Ra called Rus' (place KoloVracheniya Voskhozhdenchestv (transition people into the divine state and vice versa, with or through the Word and Knowledge-Vedanie). Subsequently a huge territory, the prisons conductor, from the Atlantic to the Atlantic and from Arctic to the Indian Ocean was called — Great Light Russia and all who live in this country have been Russ-Spirits. When involutional forces managed cunning, guile, deceit, bribery, fraud, military attacks dismember Russia, part of it, which included the whole of Siberia, North America and most of Europe, called PA-Sia (Country Shining Light). Upon further dismembering it renamed itself in Ra-Shoyu (wastefully Light).
Now all the "mow" under the Americans, the French. But seeing what is happening in such a well-established democratic country like France, it is clear that such a democracy. Democracy — government of the people really, the most democratic country in this sense — Switzerland, is there any question shall be determined only by referendum. But there is all the gold in the world, and they can not afford it, since everyone living there has countless treasures.
Rus — the Spirit. Eng — Rekuschee Knowledge-Vedaniem WORD (People with PSBs with Darom OKresTITI). Russ — who knows Veda Divine Love, Kona, principles, concepts of the Universe, the Commandments of the Eternal, the Commandments Costea and Aria Osednya, Tradition, VSeYaSvetnuyu literacy and lives by them. Russ appeared on Earth, according to some reports, about a million years ago, according to others, about 40,000 years ago. According to some reports (Nosovsky and Fomenko, Yuri Petukhov, and others), Russ had a certain type of appearance, and is also determined by the specific morphological and psychophysiological factors and one language — VseYaSvetnoy literacy.

All Rusov were absolutely identical traditions that have not changed for centuries and millennia. This indicates a stable, very clear and specific living tradition, which is passed from mouth to mouth. What is not vital — no longer a tradition and is reborn into something else. Tradition Rusov was stagnant, and incorporates the best of other traditions, which is why since ancient times, and Russ Russ — those beings who are primarily spiritual, ie those who associate themselves with the Spirit. This is different from the other Rus human being on Earth. Rus — the prerogative of the Spirit over the rest of the bodies and all the other things. The man who lives by his Spirit CONAMA, professes commandments of their ancestors, adding there the best new, promotes the development of the Spirit, this is Eng. If you feel as such, if you do the main thing — it's a state of mind rather than the mental or physical body, regardless of the nation to which you belong, you can safely call yourself Roos, and no different. Never be ashamed of this, only then can we raise ourselves.

Know quite a lot of situations where the arena of history there is a group of people who did not call themselves, quickly solved the problems facing the country and the people, and then quickly dissolved. This is exactly the Russes, who always and everywhere there were only where they are needed, when and where they were needed.

Rus — the man who lives according to the principle: "There is a question — is the answer, there is no question — no answer." When in need, he comes. Rusah ancient times there was a saying, which is then altered it, it stayed in the East, but modified. The saying was: "matured student — comes Eng. Became necessary — comes Rus ". Then it was altered it to another saying: "matured student — teacher arrives." But it was other peoples Rusov called Rabbi took their slaves (which contains the Divine Light), not to be confused with the slaves (not have the will, which prinevolivali perform a job), so that they teach them various skills. This saved a lot of examples, even in the conventional distorted history. That Russ came to the places in which they were in need, and when it is needed. These are different from the rest of Russ, who come when they do not ask. Rus — who live the Way of the Spirit.
Rusich — a person living to restore a Human, who with humanity restores the qualities of Roos, who knows Veda Kona, Principles, the idea of peace, divine love, the Commandments of the Eternal, the Commandments Costea and Aria Osednya, Vedic tradition and tries to live by them. They are descendants of Rusov.
Ie Rusichi — those who carried the spirit and the ten dimensions (at least) for mankind, for those who did not have ten dimensions. If you transfer the knowledge that you are spirits, and live by the laws of the ancestors and other people, you can call yourself Rusich.
Transferring knowledge to others — it Rusich.
Ruses Rusichi, Russian. Russian (we now even that is denied) — adjectives to Rusu and Rusich, Russian — those who know the Russian language and uses it live with Russ, but does not know and does not live on Ethics Creation and Vedic traditions and commandments, they can just speak in Russian.

President (pre selom going) Yeltsin re-introduced "the Russians" for the multinational people. This name is from the outside, there was no self-designation of a people that lived in Russia, it was self-Russes, Rusichi, Russian, but the "dew" — was not.

If we Russes — Perfume, we live by the laws of the Spirit of the Universe by CONAMA and the commandments of their fathers, by adding all the new best (taking from other developments themselves narabatyvaya). If we accept the knowledge of God Rode, a 40 Kosteevyh commandments of the Vedic tradition, and many other things that we do not just know and profess and live by these CONAMA (Ethics of the Universe), then we can call Rusich.

Russian never showed his superiority over others, under any circumstances. Russ appeared only where needed their help, and then disappeared. In all traditions, the people, there are stories that suddenly appears some people, representatives of the World, Gods, does anything and everything falls into place, and then develops an evolutionary dissolved. These legends exist among Mayan Indians in Peru, even in Africa, there are legends of the white gods. According to these legends, the Indians of North and South America and made white men from Europe for people like gods. They severely mistaken, as it were outcasts, renegades, the dregs of humanity, adventurers, spiritless, but aggressive and bezchelovechnye being.

It is now very much on the subject of fraud: Rus, Rusich, Russian.

One of the traditions that have existed since ancient times Rusov: the body of the deceased first interred. When moldered soft tissue remnants were removed, burned bones and skull ancestor (who really was a wise, Light, Light) coated with white clay, recovered his features. In the eye socket inserts white shells, and the skull was placed in the corner. (Red — because it was painted with red ocher.) This tradition spread from the Surya-Rusii (from Syria) to the entire territory of Eurasia, including North America. This is known by the excavations. But archaeologists during excavations, if they see that something belongs to a culture Rusov (Slavic culture), or quickly buried, and say that there is nothing there, or open and con winds for quick destruction. This happened to Arkaima: The first set was three shaft, and when it's really opened this city, and investigators got there, there were only two shafts. Destroyed all specifically not to know what the city Russ built more than forty thousand years ago. To keep the history which is fast and convenient current "rulers" of the world to be able to manage people.

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