Rusichi We!

Rusichi We!Arias, Rusichi — we are! We knows: without knowledge of the past, can not properly understand the present and predict the future. We know that people are deprived of the heritage of ancestors, can lead you anywhere.

Ninety percent of the information relating to the chronicle of the last Russian people, its origin, especially to the time of Christianization, from us to you hidden until now. In fact, and who we were and are Russian? After all, the time elapsed before the Christianization, a thousand times more than the past since the forced baptism of Rus. In the Rig Veda — the ancient and sacred book of Rousseau says: "Holy Russian old — 18 million years."

The fact that the Russian family, as a minimum, many hundreds of thousands of years, confirm the recent archaeological excavations, research scholars, found books, monuments of culture, genetic research and other evidence. However, from us to you, dear readers, it is carefully hidden or we are presented fragments of individual, disparate knowledge. Nowhere is reliable and valuable information. Well, for example, try to take in the library or buy a book KK Bystrushkina "Phenomenon Arkaim" — no it all! And in many other books exactly the same picture. Even from the available literature sources, the Christianization of Rus' was carried out, to put it mildly, is not in good faith, but as a result of the brutal violence of Prince Vladimir and his mercenary squads. Vedic Orthodox faith of our ancestors eradicate fire and sword. Ignorance Heritage Rod, his past, his roots or deliberate distortion bad for all the people, and of course — for us, Russian. Roots will not — will not be a tree. No Ancestral Heritage — no clans, nations. There is a community, there is a name, as in America — an American, a fact not.

Modern scholars, historians, researchers and now shamefully silent about the many facts known to them, shamefully avoid the word "Russian" in their writings. And in some cases to new scientific discoveries in this field are even hostile. In his book "Encyclopedia of mysteries and secrets" in the book of 1st, at pp. 20-21 Viktor Kandyba writes:

"Faced with an extremely hostile environment research, I began to look for a way revolutionary overturn all existing lzheistoricheskie science through to Russian Rod some short facts which immediately made all be thinking, and then accept the fact that the Russian Empire had long ruled by enemies Russian family, and that all that we currently know — this is all lies! Moreover, it is well-designed, well-docked ideology hostile to us! So — we need facts! Therefore, I will briefly give some facts which completely overturned the intricacies of our enemies:

1. On the river Rus (Lena), just above the Yakutsk in 1982 subdivisions of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR opened the ancient Russian culture, the age of which is determined by scientists in 3 million years! At an international conference dedicated to the discovery, around the world, it was announced that found the ancestral home of Humanity. Finally found a place where there were all modern people of the northern hemisphere.

2. In the area of Lake Baikal and the Altai subdivisions USSR Academy of Sciences from 1950 to 1990 opened numerous monuments, including written, about the Russian Empire — as the Lord of the World, which is determined by the age of 50-200 thousand years BC or more.

3. In the Chelyabinsk region in the southern Urals, in Arkaim in the 1980s, archaeologists Chelyabinsk University of the Ministry of Education of the USSR, monuments of ancient culture, which is defined in the age 10-12 thousand years before Christ. It also opened a number of other ancient towns and astroobservatory whose age is defined in the 4-5 thousand years.

4. Scientists from the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in 1970-1980-ies in the Dnieper, the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov in the Danube region and produced a sensational excavation mounds Pyramid. Find thousands of household items, weapons, signs, clothing, etc., showing that this part of the Russian Empire, from 9-thousand years before Christ, was called Aratta and was the most advanced country in Venee (Europe). To prove that the land was home to the so-called Aryans.

To stay in the enumeration of the facts, I would say that the Academy of Sciences has set the end of 1980, which for the Dnieper millennium BC called Indus. Volga called Ra. Black Sea-Russian sea. Carpatho-Russian mountains. Ural mountains called Meru, and then riffs, Kazakhstan — the Cossack camp. Siberia and Central Asia-Urstanom.

It must be remembered is the fact that in the northern hemisphere and in North America there is no nation whose ancient myths and legends would not report that they are descended from Slavs and Aryans, and that Russia is their sacred ancestral home. "
As you can see, is really very interesting. Let's ask ourselves a question. And who should vgodno and distortion of our chronicle heritage? After all, as if there is the Great Russian family, his past. Besides, now it is everywhere persecuted, humiliated and oppressed everywhere, it is sown discord. You all know the examples: Latvia, Kazakhstan, Chechnya …

We are constantly in a very aggressive form of imposed: an alien culture, ideology of separation, foreign customs, foreign customs, foreign language. Examples of this darkness. Attentively enough to listen to radio and watch TV. Western countries led by the United States would very much like always, but especially now, seeing our Power to Russia weak and fragmented, in her lap. Directly — in the forehead, they never take Russia could not, because Russ, our ancestors have always been a good soldier and reflect these claims and stress.

That's what our contemporary wrote in his book "overcoming discord" on page 64-65 Metropolitan John of St. Petersburg and Ladoga:
"Russian people had to constantly fight: ever since 1055-till 1462 historians comprise 245 news of the invasion of Russia and external conflicts. From 1240 to 1462 the first year in almost a single year, not without war. Of 537 years that have passed since the Battle of Kulikovo until the end of the First World War, Russia had to battle 334. During this time, she had 134 years to fight against various anti-Russian alliances and coalitions, and one war it led to nine enemies at once, two — with five, twenty-five had to fight against the three and thirty-seven against two opponents.

Courage and fortitude, the military and state talent displayed by our ancestors in the course of the centuries-long battle, really shine. For 400 years the territory of Russia increased by 400 times! Rulers Moldovan and Georgian kings and lord of Ukrainian Hetman nomadic peoples of Central Asia humbly asked — other a hundred years in a row of acceptance in the Russian citizenship "under a high hand" of the Russian Tsar. There were wars of conquest. When tolerate deceit and cruelty of the neighbors did not have enough strength. Only from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century, the eastern neighbors of Russia, Tatars and Turks — were captured and enslaved about five million Russian. And how many more died in the predatory raids. In only one of Kazan, taken by Russian troops after fierce storm in 1552, there were a hundred thousand Russian prisoners. Back in the early seventeenth century, the majority of French and Venetian galleys rowers were Russian slaves, condemned to hard labor for life. And yet, in spite of the incessant attacks and awesome military power, which for centuries was the Russian people, Russia has grown and matured. "

That's it. But now, with Russia fought differently. "Great restructuring" and privatization (in-hvatizatsiya) as we know and see, ended the impoverishment of the people. There is a constant and everyday alcoholism Births Russia. Smoking has reached unprecedented proportions, and most frightening, young people and through this — and genocide Rusich degeneration. Drug addiction and prostitution have become a profitable trade. Rusich of inciting national and religious hatred, is opposed to religion. In the course of religious extremism and as a result these are not full of the "achievements" in Russia — the negative demographic situation. However, the main purpose of all this, to weaken Russia, dirty, izmarat all Russian: Culture, Music, Cinema — all Russian Rod and again, it is clear why. Because of Russian in Russia 82%, because the Russian is dergavotvor nation. By all criteria, including the criteria of the UN and UNESCO, Russia today — the mono-ethnic state. These international organizations mono-ethnic state is one in which more than two thirds (66%) of the population belong to the same nation. How, for example, Germans in Germany, in England, the English, the Swedes in Sweden, although there are representatives of other nationalities. I do not want to say, "Russia — only for the Russian!" I want to say that Russian in Russia is dergavotvor nation. My word — painful to hear, see, read: "The Russian — get out there, get out of here, over there," and so on who, where, and where there — it is necessary to look!

And briefly in conclusion. We Rusich separated, made unharmonious, passive. We do not remember kinship. So we need to raise our level of Generic Awareness, which is possible through the study of our spiritual heritage, culture and customs of our ancient Vedic Orthodox Faith. Note that this is not a return to the past. This increase their knowledge through the understanding of Generic Source. We have much to revive. Let's take the whole world will revive our traditions, customs, truly Russian culture and music. Create, make music and songs in the tradition of Russian family. And of course, not what we see and hear on stage is performed by Russian actors not quite a complete profanation and primitivism. Songs with a set of 2-3 words on one of the two notes, often — in a foreign language. And it's in Russia! Do we have your tongue so bad? Let us not be profane and pollute our great and mighty Russian language! The fact that it is so serious, confirmed the discovery of many research scientists, linguists and historians. Professor VM Kandyba in his book "History of the Russian People" on page 94 correctly notes: "The modern Russian language is the most scientific, the most computing, most mentalnobogatym and inclusive language in the world. Several orders of magnitude faster than the best of modern languages such as Chinese, Japanese, English, French, German and Spanish. "

Let us always remember and know that we are a great Rhode Rusich with a rich past and a decent future. Although it is much in the way they should be. Well, how can that be? To make it better, and our children and grandchildren? Now on the subject, there are many points of view. Of course, you first need to learn the Slavic-Aryan Vedas. From the works of contemporary authors advise to read the book AV Trehlebova "Koschuny Finist" Demin "From Aryans to Rusich" VM Kandyba "The history of the Russian people" and "Forbidden History" ST Alekseeva "Treasures of the Valkyries ". Study of these books raises the consciousness to a higher level, allows the world and what is going to look quite different, realizing that we Rusichi — the descendants of the Slavic-Aryan gods and we are not to face disgrace of his great ancestor!
Ogorodnikov Boris A.

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