Russia has banned Veles book

Book of VelesThe federal list of extremist materials recently added 41 name. Most of these books have been added to the list on the orders of Lenin district court of Orenburg. Human rights activists challenged the competence of the court.

Leninsky District Court of Orenburg tirelessly replenish the Federal List of Extremist Materials. On November 9, he got fresh titles, and 32 of the 41 included there by the decisions of the court is of the Orenburg, reports Tsenzor.NET referring to the

Experts of information-analytical center "Owl", to deal with nationalism and xenophobia, the relationship of religion and society, reviewed publications, listed as, and claim that the prohibition of some of them is unfounded.

For example, Extremist was declared "Veles book". Some consider it an ancient pagan written treatise of the 10th century, the other — a forgery of the late 19th — mid 20th century. Human rights activists believe that you can recognize a book extremist except on the grounds that it arouses hostility to the Normans and Byzantines. The distortion of history, even willful, can not serve as a pretext to ban literature.
Some books are banned Orenburg court not written for the public right-wing, and about her, and even to deal with antisocial elements. At the center of "Owl" share the results of the analysis of the list: "Under the hot hand Orenburg judges came across an article by Sergei Belikov" skinhead culture "- an abridged version of allowances initially targeted to assist law enforcement officials to identify skinheads. The author describes the different currents within this subculture, and, incidentally, has repeatedly warned of the dangers posed to society by the cult of violence, the underlying ideology of the Russian "skinheads." Do not spare the court and the famous book by Bill Buford American "English disease", a journalistic investigation, which the author spent in order to understand the nature of violence that prevailed among European soccer fans in the 80-90's. "
Director of the "Owl" Alexander Verkhovsky states: "The practice of recognizing extremist materials in large numbers seems to us dangerous irresponsibility."
Recall that in the summer of this year, the Leninsky District Court, without the necessary expertise, once introduced to the Federal List of Extremist Materials 65 Muslim books, only on the basis that they were found in the personal library detained followers of Turkish theologian Said Nursi, who was later released, sentencing to a fine of 100 thousand rubles. The court's decision is contested, 14 complaints have been filed, and now assigned continues the examination and classification of books in the legitimacy of the forbidden list.
New release of the list is unlikely to be challenged by someone. This means that bookstores face a new wave of inspections, which will lead to fines for illegal art. 20.29 (production and distribution of extremist materials).


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