Russia — the cradle of humanity

Russia - the cradle of humanity

Western Players continue their game, whose purpose — total domination of the planet, and for this it is necessary not only to destroy Russia as a state, but also to solve the "Russian question". And solve it in the old style: "a good Indian — a dead Indian," because without the full control over the "heart of the world" — Rus-Russia — can not be achieved and complete control over the planet.

Russian people for the most part in the "hassle", they are put to sleep and do not see the "web of new Koshcheev." They are cut off from their roots, origins and do not know that Russia, the Russian world — is not only one of the states and not only one of the world's civilizations, but the "cradle of humanity", the ancestor of most of the peoples and languages of the world.

Rus, the Russian people in the three branches — the Great Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians — have more than one thousand years with a bit of history, from Baptism to the present day, we are constantly inspired, and 40-50 thousand years of continuous existence. For comparison, the most ancient civilizations of the East — India and China — have about 5-6 thousand years and 4-4.5 thousand years of history, respectively. Lost civilization of ancient Egypt there was about 6 thousand years ago.

Interesting news coming in recent years from geneticists, so American and Indian scientists have conducted the most extensive study of the DNA of Indians. It turned out that modern Indians — descendants of two different groups of people: "northerners" and "southerners." This is quite the same as the current data stories "northerners" — descendants of the "Aryan"-Russ, who came from the territory of modern Russia, and "southerners" — descendants of Dravidians. Russ from various Indians inherited from 40% to 80% of the genes, and the higher caste, the more retained genes "from the north."

Russia became a "generator" that has generated almost all the most famous culture and civilization on the planet, in the same Egypt can still detect the legacy of the ancient Rus, and most of the gods and heroes of the "Greeks" are of Russian origin. Superethnos Russ was a "driving force" of evolution of mankind for tens of thousands of years.

In fact, Russia — a repository of code biosphere evolution. While on the planet and there are Russian state, mankind has a chance to avoid total degradation and complete degeneration. According to historian YD Petukhov, all peripheral civilizations, cultures, peoples, if there is no constant flow of new waves of immigrants from the "core" of human civilization, gradually deteriorate and decay. Experiencing all the stages of development: the birth, birth, growth, flowering, decay and death. Only Russes and Russian civilization primary and, like Phoenix, have the ability to regenerate after a period of decline and apparent death.

Thus, the current European civilization was formed on the basis of the Roman civilization, which is based raseny-Etruscans, and also due to migration of labor Goths and Huns. Almost all the major capitals of Europe today are based Russ, including London, Paris, Berlin and Vienna.

In Russia, there are processes that change the planet, to transform humanity. This is the essence of the evolution of the "sphere of reason" noosphere. Death of Russia and the Russian people will lead to the death of all mankind. Pay attention to one fact: in the period of weakening Russia in the world are the most brutal wars, the destabilization of the political world.

Currently, against Russia and the Russian people and all indigenous peoples of Russian civilization, which became Russian (Russian Jews, Russian Mari, Russian Germans, Russian Tatars, etc.), is information aggression using dark occult practices, proven in the third Reich. Is the erosion of Russian culture, the core, on which the whole civilization, a powerful stream of lies, misinformation, via TV, the Internet, literature, newspapers, fashion and so destroys the basic concepts on which Russia was: Love, Truth, Justice, Honest Labor, Homeland.

We must oppose this flow a stream bright: actively explore and promote their Russian culture and history. Support their conception of the world, preserve and develop Russianness in this world. Given the fact that the Good and Light is initially stronger than evil, darkness, in the end victory will be ours. We must not allow ourselves to destroy, our heritage depends on the evolution of humanity, his movement "to the Stars." Necessary to fulfill its mission, the Divine Program …

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