Russian spies passed Belarusian?

The real culprit recent disclosure of a group of Russian spies, illegal immigrants who were in the United States, the media called Minsk resident, former deputy head of the illegal exploration of the Foreign Intelligence Colonel Alexander Poteeva.

Pot fled Russia for a few days before the June visit to Washington, President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and is now in the United States.

On "Rosbalta", Alexander Pot was born in Brest region. After the Army, he joined the KGB of the USSR. Later he was transferred to the apparatus of the KGB in the country, he settled with his wife in Minsk. In 1979 he had a daughter, Margaret. In 1980 he was promoted to the central office of the KGB, he moved with his family to Moscow. At the new location Pot was responsible for working with Soviet agents, illegal immigrants. In 1982, his son Vladimir.

In the 1990s, Pot worked in several foreign countries (in including in the U.S.) under the guise of an employee of a department of the Russian Foreign Ministry. In 2000 Pot was appointed Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service.

Ex-KGB of the USSR Fyodor Yakovlev told the agency REGNUM, that the father of the Foreign Intelligence Service, Colonel Alexander Poteeva — Hero of the Soviet Union, a war veteran. Pot attended a course of improvement officers, better known as the "school of saboteurs", as they were preparing personnel for the Special Forces of the KGB. In 1979, he was sent to Afghanistan as a member of the KGB Spetsnaz "Zenith". In 1981, he served in Afghanistan in Kabul, a group of KGB Spetsnaz "Cascade-2".

By "Rosbalt", most likely, the Americans initially recruited Poteeva daughter, who had worked in a certain international organization. And the colonel began to cooperate with Western intelligence agencies after, as unknown masked men attacked his family. After the attack, Alexander Pot sent his wife to live in the United States, there is most of the time, and his daughter Margaret. Son Poteeva also could provide U.S. classified information. He worked for some time in the "Rosoboronexport".

In 2010, the Russian secret services, it became clear that their system operates senior "mole." By "Rosbalt", prepared in the SVR test management staff of the Foreign Intelligence. He knew about it and Alexander Pot. First, he immediately sent his son to the United States, and a few days before the June visit of Russian President Medvedev in the United States and he ran away. Source agency reported that in respect of Colonel Poteeva in Russia has opened a criminal case under article "espionage".

In June, the U.S. FBI arrested ten people, who were charged with spying for Russia. According to investigators, the Americans watched their activities 10 years.

Later, ten Russian spies was changed to four people who were serving sentences for espionage in Russian prisons.

Head of the Centre for Information and Public Relations of the Belarusian KGB Alexander Antonovich, commenting on media reports that the Russian Foreign Intelligence Officer, U.S. authorities issued a group of Russian agents, illegal immigrants, had to do with the main Belarusian secret services, said BelaPAN Pot that Alexander had never served in the KGB or the Byelorussian SSR, nor in the Belarusian KGB.

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