Russian — the language of the masters, but no one wants to be a slave

How do you feel about the fact that the head of the field Shapiro began to conduct meetings in Belarusian? What can it lead to? Will it help to improve the position of the tongue? Answers Grodno passersby.

Young man"Of course, it will. I myself was in the 1990s, the Belarusian language and spoke it, but now the word is selected. Of course, language is needed because without it we are not a people, we are already part of Russia, roughly speaking. "

Mr."You know, I did a Russian, but I think that the Belarusian language must be present more in Belarus. Because very few sounds Belarusian language, I am living here for two years. It should sound like. "

Girl"We would like to see the Belarusian language in Belarus have been our national language …"

Mr."I think so, will help the development of language."

His friend"And I'm from Russia, but I understand the Belarusian language, I do not care what language to speak."

Young man"If one person is interested, it does not mean anything, even if it takes some high office. He needed a team that would deal with the same, and the same was busy. I think all the same in our country are interested in the Belarusian language, but not as much as we would like, it is not so much people need. "

Mrs."I think it will help, since he is the head of our government, he gives an example, so will probably be a success."

Mrs."Would to God that was a success, the Belarusians are we still."

Young man"I agree: God forbid! But rather it would alienate than attract. Because he has that made to do, there will be normal. In short, if a person wants to speak in Russian, speak, wants in Belarusian — please. This is a matter of each person as he wishes. You can not force anyone. "

An elderly man"The Belarusian language in Grodno not live long, and will not live under any conditions. Because here's all legal tread. Belarusian-state, but in it, no one talks, including the officials. Shapiro can not do anything, he did not do. "

Mr."This language does not help, I think so. I should probably go through the nation. Belarus — a crossroads that is Russified, palyanizavali, savetyzavali. And what there is language? Sorry. I say in Russian, though born here. Here are the Ukrainians did it, neighbors Lithuanians too. And as the Belarusian happens when the Soviet government decided at the time that the Russian — the language of the masters, while the rest — the languages of slaves? But nobody wants to be a slave (laughs). Every slave dreams eat his boss, his master, so quickly eat Shapiro. "


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