Russians should banks more than half of the budget of the Russian Federation

Russians should banks more than half of the budget of the Russian FederationBorrower's debt to banks reached $ 7 trillion. rubles and growing. For comparison, the total revenues of the federal budget in 2013 will be only 12.866 trillion rubles.

According to the press center of the Federal Bailiff Service, the total debt to credit institutions Russians than 7 trillion. Debt alone Muscovites to banks is more than 476 billion Experts say that people get used to take several loans at once. At the same time, most often, the old loan is paid off by the new.

Economist Dmitry Miroshnichenko explains that one of the disturbing recent trends is that people began to practice the payment of a loan by another.

"More and more people today have more than one credit, which in itself is a worrying trend — the expert said the newspaper" Novye Izvestia ". — This would not have been okay, if incomes were growing at the same rate as they gain credits, but it does not. So now the banks involved in lending portfolios padded part. That is, statistics show that lending is growing, and in fact the growth is due to increased fines and penalties for overdue loans. "

Get money was easy, but there is one time payment exceed the time-limit, the problems begin to grow like a snowball, says the expert. Director of the Department of Banking Regulation Bank of Russia Vasily Pozdyshev said "the Russian newspaper": "If 10-15% of the borrowers can not pay its debts, the banks will have problems with liquidity. Next there is a domino effect, banks are not able to return in time all the money to depositors and creditors. So usually start banking crises. " And it usually starts a shortage of prison places, which will be satisfied by either using electronic bracelets or by less costly cost of chipping.

But in general, the establishment of a vicious and unhealthy people financially dependent on the state, is just one of the necessary preparatory steps stamp of the Antichrist in Russia.

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