Saiga population in Kazakhstan for the year increased by one-third

 Saiga numbers living on the territory of Kazakhstan, has increased to 136.5 thousand individuals, which is one third higher than the previous year, according to RIA Novosti Head of wildlife Committee of Forestry and Hunting of Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Bahytbek Duysikeev.

"At last count, the number of Ustyurt group is 6.5 thousand heads (lives on Ustyurt), in the Ural group of about 21 thousands of saiga (lives in the Volga-Urals), and the group dalinskoy 110,000 animals (live in the desert in Karaganda area). Total number was 137.5 thousand heads, "- said Duysikeev.

About a thousand saiga Kostnayskoy Region (Urals group) died from an infectious disease — pasteurellosis in spring 2012. "In view of these losses, the saiga remained 136.5 thousand and it is somewhere in the 30% higher than last year's numbers," — said Duysikeev.

As explained to the agency in the last ten years has taken unprecedented measures to conserve Saiga: first of all in the field of anti-poaching.

Saiga in Russia currently found only in the steppes of Astrakhan and in Kalmykia. According to the latest accounting, the number of saiga in the Russian steppes does not exceed 12 thousand. Meanwhile, according to the experts of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), saiga antelope in Russia is not more than seven thousand individuals, and their number is steadily declining. The main reason, according to animal rights, unlawful killing for saiga horns, which then sent for sale in China, where the horns are used to make medicines.

As reported earlier, Ministry of Natural Resources, will soon be included antelopes in the Red Book of the country.

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