Sandstorm has paralyzed life in the Afghan province of Nimruz

KABUL, June 26 — RIA Novosti, Andrei sinful. Sandstorm with storm winds, which broke out on Saturday in the south-western Afghanistan, virtually paralyzed life Nimruz province, Afghanistan, told reporters on Sunday the director of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Irrigation Mohammad Akbar Sharifi.

According to officials, around the town of Zaranj, the provincial capital, 20 houses were completely buried under the sand, but their occupants escaped. Sandstorm has destroyed crops of fruits and vegetables, killing a large number of farm animals.

Storm began in Nimruz at five, wind speed, carrying heat from the hot sand, reached 100 meters per second, and the temperature in the shade exceeded 50 degrees Celsius. Zaranj city airport was closed because the line of sight is not more than 20 meters. All shops and stores of the city were closed.

In the period from May to August in Afghanistan traditionally occur sandstorms. This dusty wind, won the world title "Afghan", often leads to destruction, breaking trees and causes damage to human health. At this time, people affected by the "Afghan", usually ill with pneumonia, influenza and acute respiratory diseases. During the Dust Bowl of the dispersed fine dust that permeates the air, especially asthmatics suffer.

Sandstorm occurred on Saturday in Kabul. Although the wind speed is not exceeded 15 meters per second, the capital was shrouded in a dusty haze that envelops the city from late afternoon until late evening.

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