Scientists closer to reading a persons thoughts


A group of Dutch researchers created a device with which to understand the thoughts of the people in the distance. Based device with a computer tomograph "decodes" man's thoughts.

Neuroscientists at Maastricht University under the direction of Bettina Sorger were able to differentiate 27 levels of brain activity and correlate each with a specific character — one of the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet or a space, and then comes into play in the computer, which "translates" the thoughts of the person in question. However, for "deciphering the letters" also required the active participation of the patient.

Bettina Sorger said that the principle of the device for reading thoughts based on the decoding of the information that is transferred neurons of the brain — is fixed by the nature of the tomograph changes in blood flow that occur when starting and stopping of individual sections of the human brain, so the scanner can be seen on the screen, as thinking people.

"We were asked to volunteer to mentally perform one of three tasks — to imagine that he draws, counts the number and reads poetry to himself. And we fix it clearly."

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