Scientists have discovered a rare lichen in Kronotsky reserve

Scientists during the expedition found in the Kronotsky Nature Reserve (Kamchatka), a rare form of lichen Erioderma pedicellatum, entered in the Red Book (IUCN), the press service of the reserve.

"Lichen Erioderma pedicellatum grows exclusively on the branches of the old fir trees in the virgin coniferous forests where ever produced even selective logging, and no fires. Its hard to confuse with other species — it is quite large and has a characteristic color and" decorated "like Christmas tree, reddish balls — fruit bodies that it forms in breeding, "- said one of the researchers, a member of the St. Petersburg State University (SPSU) Dmitry Gimelbrant whose words are reported.

Discovery made by scientists from SPGU and the Botanical Institute. VL Komarova RAS on the right bank of the river left Shchapina (Lazo reserve area) during the expedition of the Botanical Institute of the grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR).

Before the expedition, Russian scientists have seen only in photographs lichen, but the accuracy of the findings confirmed the leading experts of the countries where it occurs. It used to be that Erioderma pedicellatum be found in only three places on the planet, on the Atlantic coast of Norway and Canada, as well as on the Pacific coast of the U.S..

Scientists are plans to apply for grants for further study of the history of formation of the landscape and vegetation area, where he was found a unique lichen. In addition lihnologam (specialists in the study of lichens — Ed.) And taxonomists to be labeled for this kind of Russian name.

"To find a noble lineage of lichen, which brooks no interference in their" private life ", you need to carry out research, but with caution. On it can affect small changes in humidity, temperature, lighting," — concluded the expert.

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