See you at Yasnaya Polyana

About Leo Tolstoy, we used to think, as the epic hero. "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina", "Resurrection", 90 volumes of the "mirror of the Russian revolution," the old man in his old age began to wear a peasant blouse and plow

Then went barefoot from Yasnaya Polyana and died — a classic set of stereotypes that have taken root in our consciousness from distant schooldays. It may be worth once they break once and for all? Drop everything and go to where he lived and worked for this great man and where did somehow November night is gone forever — at the very Yasnaya Polyana.

In roads, roads

If you eat from Moscow, on the train at the Kursk station know that you go for a visit to the graph: comfy couches, clean floors, lobbies do not smoke, beer wagons do not drink. Be sure to ride the express train, and not on an ordinary train — train in the company, other than the general culture (and this is a key word the entire trip), you will find an exhibition of paintings and documentary photographs dedicated to Yasnaya Polyana and the Tolstoy family: even the children will not be bored, though, and travel almost three hours, recommends Time on the train to spend on reading the works of Tolstoy: "The morning of the landowner," "Polikushka", "Tikhon Malanya", "candle", "berry" — they found the names of the peasants, whose descendants still live in Yasnaya Polyana, the plots Tolstoy invented during walks in the surrounding estates, and recorded in his office at the manor house. So the best guides to Yasnaya Polyana, than these books, and inconceivable.

At the station, Kozlova Zaseka passengers waiting for a train museum — the building station bench with carved backs, stylized inscription "Telegraph" and "Ticket Office", and in a separate room and a lot of amazing things we forgotten era of elegant travel: travel teapots, boxes, hat boxes, gloves, travel bags. Keeper of the museum be happy to answer questions and organize impromptu tour. Here, at the station, there is a small souvenir shop, where at very modest prices sold new books dedicated to the Count, his family and the estate, as well as pleasant souvenirs like styled notebooks, clay toys and cloths, made in a traditional technique for the area "frenzied flap." Caught a very attractive thing!

The station is Yasnaya Polyana museum visitors waiting bus — 10 minutes will bring you to the gates of the estate.

HOMELAND "Green stick"

In April, at Yasnaya Polyana, very good: warm and sunny, the snow melted, the track dried out, and the first apple orchard blossom leaves. In these gardens, and the gardens of the young Count's childhood and his brothers. Here, half a kilometer from the big house on the edge of a ravine in the old order, by family legend, hidden "green stick of happiness." If you reveal a secret written on it, no one else on earth will die, disappear war and disease. It is a pity that this "stick" still have not found …

To the main house on the farm is extensive birch alley — Preshpekt. Manor house itself, which Leo had lived for more than 50 years, was protected by the state almost immediately after his death. Preserved environment, a rich library in the house remained in the same place and in the same order as in the life of Leo Tolstoy. All exhibits are authentic — the museum collections were evacuated during the war, retreating Nazi troops set fire to the estate, but the house was saved from the fire, and immediately after the Great Victory all the books, paintings, furniture back into place.

Portraits on the walls, two grand pianos, a large desk and a dining room, which was about a big family — the modest furnishings in the house tells a lot about the descendants of an ancient noble family. When you peer into the faces in the photos, you see these spartan bedroom and huge bookcases (no aristocratic luxury, only what you need), you realize that Tolstoy's book — it is the literature that educates morals, it is the books that should be read and re-read adult children .

The last refuge

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