Severe NATO fighters were powerless against the Russian weapons in Syria

Formidable NATO fighters were powerless against the Soviet weapons in Syria

Syria has so far not repeat the fate of Iraq and Libya only because of her huge amount of weapons acquired by it, even from the Russian Union.

Namely, it is a means of defense, and the June incident, during which the Syrian air defenses shot down a Turkish fighter "Phantom" is a catchy proof of that. So held view shared deputy Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Hramchihin.

According to professionals, the Syrian military did not hesitate when deciding whether to winding up the Turkish aircraft. So Makarov, according Hramchihin, Syria showed at least some intent to destroy aircraft NATO, which closer to her place of air, and the countries of the West, aggressively trying to change the political regime in Syria, drew the right conclusions.

Syrian air defenses, which is considered the strongest in the Middle East region, contains anti-aircraft missile system S-200, With-75 With-125 and "Cube". Also Syria armed with anti-aircraft missile system "Osa", "Strela-1" and "Strela-2".

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