Shark fisherman rescued


A resident of the Republic of Kiribati has stayed in the open ocean 15 weeks. He had to sleep next to her dead son in law and lose consciousness of impotence. Only a miracle in the form of sharks has led him to salvation, writes

Policemen from Kiribati Toakai Teitoi stuck on his wooden boat in the ocean, as he ran out of fuel. More than 100 days, he drifted into this 5-meter boat, alone. "We ran out of fuel, but the food left there were many more.

The problem was only water. We had to manually pull to shore. Before his death, son-in late at night we slept in a good mood to face each other in the morning-in-law was dead. I had to bury him at sea, "- said the miracle survivor of a fisherman.

Next 41-year-old father of six children continued to row one. Soon he saw a fishing boat and began to call for help. However, from the rescuers he was too far away, so it is not heard. Exhausted, the poor fellow fell to the edge of the board, unconscious. When he came to, he saw a large shark fin, which bore the side of his boat fishermen reported

For me, this case is an example of a miracle, "I could not believe my eyes. Immediately I began frantically waving his arms, and the crew picked me up. Had not the shark, the crew could not decide what I have everything in order, and sail past" — said the fisherman. The man was taken to the city of Majuro, which is located on the Marshall Islands.

"I'm going home. And the more I will never sit in a boat," — said the police rescued, returning to his homeland, leading "Voice of Russia".

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