Shatalov warns that the duty on crude oil may rise

Belarus may lose $ 2 billion in Russian subsidies.

Russia can decision increase the export duty on oil products in December, according to deputy minister Finance Sergei Shatalov.

November 19 in St. Petersburg will be a meeting of the Interstate Council of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, which will discuss the issue and raise taxes.

"We are preparing an agreement on the allocation of export duties and the procedure for its collection. We are in tough negotiations with Belarus. Apparently, it is necessary to make this decision at the highest political level", — said Shatalov.

According to Shatalov, the issue of increasing export duties — is "our national question, and no one infringes on our sovereignty in making these decisions."

Shatalov said that if Russia will increase the fee, it will cease to "subsidize Belarus, and it's a lot, this 2 billion a year, "Interfax reported.


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