Sinkhole in Tver. Video

A street Sominka Tver suspended. The reason — on the road for a few meters collapsed ground. Pit depth of 5 meters was formed on the night of 5 to 6 March. Workers' TverVodokanala "have to take extra care.

At this place is gravity sewer. Water pipe burst at first, and then washed away the soil. The main difficulty is that the near failure of the school is located. Because workers' TverVodokanala "were especially vigilant. Installed around the pit metal fence. Duty around the clock crew. Work to eliminate already begun.

Dmitry Kapustin, General Director of "TverVodokanala," said: "The work of complex, related to the fact that you need to prepare an operational hole, lay the pipe, zachekanit all this and make the top concrete sarcophagus."

Complexity is also the fact that the work can be carried out only at night, with an hour to five hours in the morning. Otherwise the water in nearby homes had to be suspended. According to preliminary estimates, the impact of the accident will be eliminated during the day.

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