SMS sleepwalking


In recent years, more and more people do not part with mobile phones … a dream! For example, they send text messages, and in the morning do not remember anything about it. Experts even coined the term — SMS-sleepwalking.

According to Dr. Akshay Mahadeva organization of Genesis Medical Systems, it is a mental disorder — parasomnii.Mahadevia argues that people with parasomnias, as if staying on the verge of sleep and wakefulness.

They "are in an indeterminate state, which do different things," says the doctor. Similarly disorder suffers American Candy Guy, a paramedic working in a clinic in Davenport (Iowa). Friends often receive from her mailbox at night, which she does not remember when waking up. The girl's father says that it all started about a year ago. "She goes to bed — says Wayne Guy

— And then I go and see her with her eyes closed writes and sends messages in different locations. "At first, Candy had problems because of this, but over time her friends are accustomed to the strange behavior of the girls. Now she asks for them in the morning phone or in person: "Well, I write to you tonight?." But how is that possible?

According to colleagues, Mahadeva, a sleep Markus Schmidt, sms lunatics are those who in the past had a tendency to disorders of sleep. It is simply a manifestation of the disease. By the way, in order to collect a message on the mobile does not need to "include" the brain to complete — it can be done "on the machine." In addition, because when we have dreams, we have also performed some action, sometimes quite deliberately.

The spread of SMS sleepwalking facilitated by the fact that many, going to bed, turn off cell phones and do not leave them within reach. "Four out of five young people who have cell phones, keep them next to your bed, and only one in ten off the phone at night," — says Professor Schmidt. He advises to avoid embarrassing situations of sending sms at night, creating a comfortable environment for sleep and clean up the cell phone away — at least, not to keep it on the nightstand or under the pillow.

Sleepwalkers "able" to not only send messages to a mobile phone. So, a few years ago, one English woman failed to challenge in court sent her a bill for long distance telephone calls. It turned out that the lady had called his family and friends … while you sleep! All conversations took place exclusively at night, and the callers did not even know that their companion is sleeping! Another resident of Toledo, suffered internet lunacy!

One day while sleeping lady got out of bed, turned on the computer, downloaded the zip website and by entering the password of your mailbox, sent out messages to three of his friends to men. The letters contained a lot of errors, but they were about the same content, very frivolous, "Come back tomorrow and do something with this hell hole. Take it with wine and caviar only." The next morning Spaniard did not remember anything about the night sending correspondence. So she was surprised when one of the recipients called to say that he accepts her offer.

The woman went into shock — indeed, in the dream, she made her secret desires that have never dared to open in the waking state! Dr Simon Williams of the University of Warwick in a report published in the journal "Science", tells about people who are able to dream of producing a variety of actions: walk, have sex, cook, drive a car, play musical instruments and even commit crimes.

In hotels found more guests-epileptics. Leaders of British hotel chain Travelodge was forced to release a special allowance for staff, trained to handle such customers. Thus, at the hotel reception should always be a bath towel. What for? The fact is that most sleepwalkers walk around the hotel in the nude! However, they matter-of-factly suited to the front desk and asked "innocent" questions like, "Where is the bathroom?", "Do you have any newspapers?" or, "Do not be late I'm on the job?".

Service-prescribed carefully remove the towel from the rack, cover their nakedness lodger and persuade him to go back to bed … Meanwhile, participants of the annual summit held by the American Academy of Neurology in Denver, came to the conclusion that sleepwalking is associated with changes in certain genes. Their activation leads to a state where a person commits some action, but it can not wake up. However, what specific genes are responsible for walking in a dream, sms, scientists still can not answer.

Margarita Trinity

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