Snow has not stopped these voters in Belarus

Belarus has opened the polls. The country elect the President, according to the polls — the actor. The guide CEC did not doubt that President Alexander Lukashenko in the first round will take their half of the votes, and probably much more. The process of monitoring NTV correspondent George UAH.

This morning Minsk meets continuous snow. Took to the streets and the army porters snowplows. But these voters even drifts can not stop, they come to the site from 8:00 am local time.

Those who vote for the first time in his life, give a t-shirt with the words "Election — 2010." Those who vote is not the first time, of course, expect more — to improve their living conditions and the situation in the country.

Citizen of Belarus, "" Another fellow Churchill said, if you are 20 years old were not romantic, you have no heart, but if you were not in the 50 conservative, you have no brain. " I think that everything will be fine. And my candidate for whom I voted, be sure to win. "

Citizen of Belarus: "In order not to be late, come early. Try worried about our state. We are happy with our lives and we want in fact it was the second Switzerland. "

Indeed, the second Switzerland — is a very common local character, as it were, an indication of what we should strive for. Talk about it all, and not only the current president, but his many opponents in this election they already nine, a record number. In all, 10 candidates. Never in the history of presidential elections in Belarus, as many people did not want to take the presidency.

Alexander Lukashenko has been in office for 16 years, now he is going for a fourth term. Indeed, according to polls of voters in recent years can be seen that, perhaps as early as the first round, everything is clear, though, of course, opposition candidates disagree. Of these, the first vote Andrei Sannikov. The head of the state will vote at noon local time on the site, which is located near his residence.

In Belarus, more than seven million voters, and there are very high turnout. As usual, come to about 80-90%. There is another election tradition. According to the CEC, in the last days of early voting more than 17% of that number of citizens, and in the Vitebsk region expressed their preference 26% of voters.

Voting will end at 20:00 local time. Probably by midnight CEC will announce the first results. Opposition calls on his supporters to take to the streets at 20:00 local time, that is, immediately after the vote. Have not yet seen any enhanced police patrols, no riot, no armor, which was expressed opposition candidates in recent days. But, as they say, is not over, it might appear.

The information has not received official confirmation, but will come from the headquarters of opposition candidates, says that there have been two attempts to preventive detention of activists from those who might be left in the evening to the area. But as long as the data is not officially confirmed. In the morning the situation in a calm, no reports of incidents were reported.

MOSCOW, Dec. 19 — RIA Novosti. Election of the President of Belarus ended at 20.00 local time (21.00 MSK) closed izbratelnye areas.

As of 18.00, participated in the elections 84.1% of voters. Most actively voted Mogilev (90%), Vitebsk and Gomel region (over 88%) and lowest turnout was in Minsk — 74.4%.

By law, elections are considered valid if they enrolled more than 50% of registered voters. Them in the voting lists include more than 7 million. Voting took place at 6.39 thousands of sites, 44 of which are located abroad.

According to the exit-polls, the incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko won in the first round with more than 76% of the vote. None of the nine competitors and did not receive 4% of the vote. Also voted against all less than 4% of the voters.

Lukashenko began to rule the country in 1994 and was reelected in 2001 and 2006. A number of political analysts, this time tipped to win for him, and with a huge margin of all the competitors, the vast majority of which are of the Belarusian opposition camp.

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