Sociologists do not predict any boycott or area

Hope some of the representatives of the Belarusian opposition to boycott the upcoming December 19 presidential election is very slim. To such conclusion experts of the Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies / NISEPI /.

According to the results of a national survey conducted in October, it became clear that the presidential election necessarily or likely 73.2% would vote respondents. Only 13.9% probably or definitely will not participate in the voting. Thus, "it is clear that hopes for a boycott of the elections are without any basis in reality," — noted in NISEPI.

It is also unrealistic, according to a poll NISEPI can assume and hope the opposition to mass protests in case of election fraud. According to the study only 10.9% respondents stated their intention to take participation in the mass protests, to try to change the results, more 24.1% respondents answered: "I do not believe these results and will be very upset, but in mass protests will not participate. " A 40.5% respondents expressed this position, "I agree with the results, because they can not be changed. "

According to the survey, the campaign actualized interest Belarusians to politics. So 32.3% respondents today know, that V.Neklyaev (Which until recently was known only as a poet) is going to run on the current presidential elections (Lukashenko call 72.3%, A.Sannikava 13.6%, J. Romanchuk6.2%).

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