Spirit of the Russian bath

January 24, 2012 19:58

Original meaning of the bath is in the care of the purity of the human body, and the effects of bath procedure begins with the skin.

Different people have their own bath tradition. Although the means used for purification, are very similar, unique Russian steam baths are almost nonexistent. But if you work in prerevolutionary Russia relied special salary increment for steam baths, at present prices in the baths, such that they can not afford not everyone. In the bathroom, the same can not only warm the body surface and wash away dirt from the skin.

In ancient Rus' there was such a method of purification of ailments and disease, as warming on the stove, followed by washing of the body.

As a child I had to go through such a procedure. I spent the whole night, lying on the warm stove, and in the morning my body was relaxed, the feeling, as if all the muscles away from the bone. After washing with the verdict and cup of herbal infusion I felt perfectly healthy. Modern science explains this phenomenon by heating in the infrared range emitted by overheated stove.

Currently, there are special booth with installed infrared emitters. After 20 minutes in a booth at a relatively low temperature starts sweating. By the end of the first hour of stay (with breaks for holidays) sweating is greatly enhanced since the package reaches the deep structures of the body. There is a certain sense of healing, however, in contrast to the Russian steam bath, there is not only sweating, but the evaporation of sweat. In general, cleaning becomes a purely mechanical action, not a ritual.

Even more interesting is an ancient way of warming up inside protoplennoy ostuzhennoy and to a certain condition of the furnace. Very furnace cleaned out the ashes, lined with straw and places the person for cure. In the old Russian fairy tales affected: "The spade, and in the oven." But really, climbed into the oven with a special shovel. This procedure allows you to clean the body, not only from the ailments, but also from parasitic structures that can penetrate into the body through the skin. These parasites are long and thin, very similar to the hair because of the people they are called "hair." When the ritual deep heating body lying on the straw, parasites first get out of the body to the surface of the skin, and then moved to the hollow stalks of straw. After that, the straw is burned in a furnace.

There are other versions of this ritual. For example, in the spring at a specific time such a procedure was carried out: a deeply heated in steam, then rolled naked in the snow melted on the river. After that it is completely wrapped in straw mats and carried back to the steam room to warm up. Activation of the body took place at very high levels, as in the ancient cured many diseases, including female infertility.

Spirit — is the total of all the internal information systems of the human body or a particular object, emitted into the outer space and the wave source tells about the functional state of the human body or a specific object, the extent of his willingness to cooperate with the external environment. This information links the physical body with its subtle (wave) body, responsible for the formation of all the physical structures of the body.

In large families, especially in Russia, built a steam bath, where they washed and steamed not just a dry heat, and in a couple. It was a single room, which was erected in the center of the oven with a special glow cobble (heater), which topilas "black." Also there was a shelf with Pristupko and podgolovem, which are steamed, benches around the walls, which are washed, vats of hot and cold water taps or for this in the wall gang for washing and doused, vehotki (urine) for Soapy, brooms (oak or birch) for parks. With a decent bath and dressing room, where undressed, rested, drank kvass bath etc.

Earlier in Russia said, "Remember the sabbath day: go to the baths." "Postnichay to Ceredo, go to the bath on Saturday, all in good time." "Bath wash away all sins." "Bath wash, spolosnet gang." "Like water off a duck's back," sentenced, okatyvaya water. "Water off a duck with your thinness." "Bolesta underground (with water) for your health." "Mr. Broom in the bath." "Broom in the bath all the chief." In Russia, where there was room, call common: it was thought that the house built on it will not do. According to legend, in the bath-bath settles (baynik) — a kind of evil spirit houses. Pairs temporarily survived it, but in an unheated bath he settles firmly. Especially likes rozhanits swab, which, however, at close quarters in the house, always output to the bath, but they were not allowed to leave alone. It was impossible for one person after midnight to go in the unheated bath.


In urban saunas sweat lodge is a large office space, where it can accommodate 10 to 20 people. Wooden deck on the upper level has stepped shelves, which are steamed. In the steam room itself made sure the window to air out the air. Incandescent furnace (heater) outside draped brick, which enhances the thermal radiation in the infrared range, which contributes to our warming. In "potelnyah" as before called saunas, this warming is not happening.

Vladimir KarpenkoEngaged School Choi practiced Raja Yoga, worked in VNIIFK, 1980 teaches yoga, jogging, karate.

It is now known that inherent in bannuyu oven stones are heated to a temperature of 700 degrees. When bath protoplena good heat warms the body deeply. Furnace heat transfer increases water vapor, which is formed in the air after spilling hot water on the hot stones. Throw water into the oven in small portions. This is meaningless, since the pair can be dry in order to burn the body, and vice versa, wet and hot.

Each furnace his temper, and that means that each steam room — his Spirit. Prepare steam in the steam room can only know these people. The procedure takes time about 20 minutes. First all necessary steam room swept and blown to change the air, sometimes hang out on the perimeter of wormwood. In the old days, even the steam room fumigated with wormwood or other herbs and by giving special blabbed to exorcise evil spirits. This ritual is a little-known, served only one person. Then up the heat, and the water in the oven Nationals with special herbal extracts and oils, which completes the ritual of exorcism, and after placing ventilated. Then comes the hard part: steam scolding and planted, ie aligned around the room. The steam must be dry and scorching body. Breathe in it is easy and free, and light deep warm. Now for this purpose are generally used infusions of chamomile and eucalyptus, which have beneficial effects on the bronchial system (now called aromatherapy). After prodyshalis should be a short break, during which the pair prepares a broom. In the old saying that a broom is used to expel evil spirits from the body, not everyone can properly use it. Most will not do yourself soar, it has to do specially trained person using just two broom, oak or birch. Catching heat close to your body, then whipped and distribute heat sliding massage movements. Here's a more serious Chinese reflexology! Effectiveness of the procedure is that it not only aligns the energy throughout the body, but also expels parasitic structures, independent person to deal with it can not. To date, this knowledge skill lost steam rooms, as well as lost and the popular name of the bathers.

Why Saturday was considered a bath in the afternoon? Yes, because on Sunday the man went to the church for spiritual purification. Be sure to follow the procedure bannuyu bride and groom in wedding day, and all the people in front of an accomplishment of great things.

Russian steam bath is able to compensate for the lack of physical activity per week. Is cleansed of toxins, improves trophic (feeding) of the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the joints, both external and intra-articular. Worked out all the joints, especially the effective impact is on the back. "Burnt back broom" — a special procedure, which is similar to moxibustion in Chinese medicine. Just warming up here goes deeper and reaches autochthonous muscles (deep muscles that connect the spine and rib cage). It is the residual strain (spasticity) in these muscles causes problems in the ligaments of the spine. For a deep heating back often use hot bags of coarse sand or salt, imposed on the spine along its length. Man laid on a couch or bench and hid blanket, this procedure is performed by other specialists. After the man was allowed to drink a special infusion of herbs. As a result of the cumulative effect of actions achieved amazing strength, not available official medicine.

This is the general beneficial effect Russian steam bath bath on the human body. However, it is certainly necessary adaptation, certain training. It is recommended to visit a Russian bathhouse regularly once a week.

The sauna room shall not be free to talk and even more swearing and poison jokes. It marks the rite of purification. After deep heating with a broom should be cold bath (for the expulsion of small spirits), and at the end guy — immersion in cold water, and always with his head. Triple immersion in water with appropriate blurted led to the expulsion of the chief evil spirit. After this, it was necessary to go back to the steam room and stay there until a slight warming.

Imagine two adjacent small pool (2x2x2 meters). The water temperature in the same pool — 11 degrees, and the other is so hot that the hand is not omitted. One day after the guy I had to pass the following procedure: to dive for 6 seconds in cold water, then quickly plunge into hot, too, for 6 seconds. I did not have time to feel the temperature of the water. When I got out of the hot pool, the feeling was indescribable, as if a thousand needles pierce the entire surface of my body (apparently, this is the state of "the expulsion of the main evil spirit"). Here is something to think about.

But the explanation of these phenomena exist. When there is a warming of the body from the outside-in, blood warms up to a certain temperature and free of parasites. With further steaming heat reaches the internal organs. Short-term immersion in cold water or okatyvanie her head increases the heat transfer from the inside-out. After cooling, a must wrap yourself in a sheet or towel and drinking hot herbal tea for further purification of blood and kidneys. Improves blood circulation in the internal organs, and therefore their power. When the temperature of blood warming reaches a maximum, make a better cooling of the body. Here you have the expulsion of the "chief evil spirit," in which — the deepest meaning of the Russian steam bath, leading to the purification of the human spirit!

This paper is an attempt to consider only the spirit of the Russian bath, highlight some important points taken from my memory and the memory of people from whom I have learned the art of Russian steam bath. I am grateful to all my mentors, but in particular to the "professor", which I learned to cook in Koptevskaya steam baths. For, by this knowledge, I was able, though very poorly, describe the Spirit Russian steam bath, which can purify the human spirit.

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