Spontaneously combust furniture and letters on the wall: what we say unusual phenomenon?

February 20, 2012 18:34

Some have burn permits, others — dates from the third — the soul. The author of this once happened to be witnessed by themselves, for no apparent reason lit walls, sofa and …

Bad apartment

The fate of every man is an event that divides life into two parts: on the other hand, and on this one. The family Troshin, the six of us living in a three-kvartipe near Kiev station, once the fall, in late September, there was something shared all as "before the war" and "after." While older generations — grandparents, Eugene I. and Maria S. — Remember the Great Patriotic War, and they were working at a defense plant. Whether they are younger — would turn gray.
One Evgeny lay down to rest, and over his ottoman … crackled electrical outlet. Sparks were quite small, but then flared pillow. Pensioner not taken aback, quickly shot down the flames with a blanket. They called an electrician, who, grumbling, replace the outlet. Business as usual, especially on the eve of the apartment had a small flood from neighbors above.
But soon there was a fire in the back room, where the wiring was completely dry and short circuit happen just could not. Then he caught fire in the room opposite. So flat flared. Firefighters called six times, reached the point where we decided to set in a strange place fire post.
In the few days that the apartment raged unseen arsonist, you've been here almost all the nearest fire department, which, fortunately, right next door, in the next building. The apartment staff were fire laboratory, carried voluntary watch relatives son Gennady living apart from their parents, but for the sake of this case decided to support them. Despite the dozens of fires, no one appears injured, even severe burns were not.
Particularly well remembered Evgeny flames suddenly arose on a chair piled blankets. It was an unusual, white and pink with blue overflow — just like lotus flowers with a picture that hung in the room. At that time, the houses were grandfather and grandson, together they put out the flames strange languages.
Her grandson Ilusha fallen firefighters initial suspicions. But the version that the boy indulges with matches at once disappeared.
But all bowed to the fact that he is the focal (fixing) the person of the mysterious natural phenomenon, which, for all its fantastic not be called particularly unusual. Moscow fire a few years, there are about a dozen different flash fire. Of course, not all of them are caused by fire poltergeist, there may be other reasons that a little lower, but in this case it is difficult to understand what other forces besides the unclean, can cause so much sunbathing?

The letters on the wall

In the eyes of the family and firefighters caught fire and turned into a pile of melted glass old TV, and he is on something he was not.
In the hectic hustle and no one noticed, as the tiled walls of the kitchen and the bathroom appeared shaped as letters, drawings, made like a ball point pen, Valya immediately. In the bathroom — a word of three letters, in the kitchen — fire image and the words: "I'm going away. Sept. 21 will go. " But at the appointed time bustling spirit has not disappeared. Firefighters did what they could, but they could in this case a little bit. Nothing worked. So much so, that the fire broke out at the time of the next protocol, when the fire chief was sitting at the table writing. The only thing that could be done? — Is the camera to capture the tricks that they did. The fire seemed to have emerged from the air.
Mary S. and her daughter Jeanne decided to go for help to the church. Joan E. and her husband Sergei Lobov — colleagues, they are working chefs. They shared a daughter, Olga. As for Elijah, then with his own father Jeanne at the time the relationship did not work out.
As it turned out, in the church of their case already knew. Father advised to pray, all sprinkled with holy water, and live in peace and harmony. Having done all this, Troshin however desirable disposal have not achieved. Be in their apartment with the windows bursting was impossible. Olga Little House on the first day did not appear, it was left to spend the night at the neighbors, adults and thirteen Elijah went with caution. Felt someone's privacy to.
Referring once again to the local priest, they received a recommendation to go to the monk Father Herman, that served in the temple Sergius at the River Station. When the woman heard him preach, they are armed with a new spiritual knowledge, holy water, and a large cross, came home, fire in their home has finally ended.
In contrast to the Orthodox clergy, ufologists-anomalschiki in an unclean apartment there by themselves, without an invitation. With one of them, Valentin Fomenko, I was able to talk. He was once the chairman of the Commission for poltergeist, Committee on bioenergy and informatics Union of Scientific and Engineering Societies. Valentin argued that to blame the spirits oblyubovyvayuschie some homes. In his view, the assumption that if in such cases in families there is always tension between true. And then say in what happens napryazhenok families?
The victim of the family had their own assumptions. The eldest son, Anatoly has long lived in Norilsk, and by the time a whole year of it there was no news. Parents worried about her son. They were waiting for news of him. But, maybe, "he replied," such a strange way?
Was there Barabashka?

It may be that the explanation of this strange case is not necessary to invent new theories. Even takieneobychnye phenomena can be explained without invoking supernatural forces: Nobody will blame homes if at a textile factory lights synthetic material that will investigate whether there were good ground, diverting the excess electricity produced when rewinding. If there were bad — punish safety engineer …
Carpenters know that you can not leave sawdust scraper car, happened, that they ignite spontaneously — and again because of a trivial residual electricity.
The event, which I was a witness, such an explanation has not been given. But this does not mean that it is never explained. Be patient and wait for the explanation of a miracle. Do not hurry, because we also know that the child is a miracle elementary card trick, and for a nuclear physicist at the LHC experiments — routine.

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