Subculture — a disease of modern youth

With representatives of various subcultures we encounter in everyday life. People informally species can be found in urban areas, with a small amount of the population.

In general, a subculture known that different from conventional crops (ie under-represented.

So, for example, distinguish subculture formed on ethnic, demographic, professional, geographical and other bases.

Occupy a special niche subculture of contemporary youth.

Causes of the young men and women, are being singled out, there are several.

Subculture - a disease of modern youthIt is believed that the main reason — it is the desire to stand out, to show their individuality.

But not always so simple. If those who create their very expressive and "flashy" style, want to stand out, the majority of subsequent imitators simply copy all previously invented. Thus, the young man or woman can be, and do not want to look a little challenging, but the fear of being unrecognized peers, makes them the new "Neformal."

Another reason — leaving the boring everyday life in a more intense and interesting reality.

Some researchers of contemporary youth subcultures even suggest that there is a subcultural "core", which is inherent to some extent the whole younger generation (ZV Sikevich, Y. Volkov).

Other authors speak of the growth and spread of subcultures in Russia because of the social and economic instability of the Russian society over the past decade and a half and the impoverishment of the majority population.

Also often referred to the loss of the normative value of bases which are necessary to maintain social solidarity and social identity acceptable.

Subcultures in Russia there — under the influence of Western trends — such a huge number of subcultures, some of them quickly arise, and also quickly becoming obsolete. (This includes hippies, emo, goth, metal, Satanists, hip hopovtsy, ravers, etc. … )
There is also a popular youth subcultures include subculture of football fans that has many adherents. Football fans — a complex organization community, it singles out independent groups.

Subculture - a disease of modern youth
Bikers — also special sub-culture, it has ceased to be a pro-Western, and Russia has its own characteristics.

Subculture - a disease of modern youth

Developing, subcultures produce one style of clothing (image), language (slang, slang), attributes (symbols), as the overall outlook for its members. The characteristic image and demeanor is a marker that separates "us" (representatives of subcultures) from strangers.

Image for representative subculture — it's not just clothing, it is a demonstration of its kind of beliefs and values promoted by subculture. The most famous example — dandy XIX century.

Subculture has the potential to grow in culture. Over time, the individual elements and entire clothing styles merge into a common culture. For example, high boots Dr. Martens, originally popular among skinheads, have long been accepted in many informal groups, and clothing styles Gothic Lolita and Gothic aristocrat is not only part of the subculture is ready, but also an element of Japanese fashion.

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