Tell the Truth campaign activists released from the Central police station

About an hour after the arrest of activists of the campaign "Tell the truth!"Mikhail Pashkevich and Roman Bogdanovich was released from the Central district police.

Mikhail Pashkevich said:

"We allegedly detained for identification. But when we were brought to the Central police station, came colonel of the municipal government, and says:" They took away because people call in and say that you are preventing people throw away trash. I protested that we holes in those bags left, it was convenient to throw out the garbage. Finally he gave a command to let out, making the survey protocols. But the labels have not given us the police. I then say, "draw up a protocol on withdrawal of labels." The policeman said that he would not, and grossly obscene sent, they say, "get out of here." In the end, we just pushed the threats: "We are with you, man, will meet again on some stocks, and I'll show you already."

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