Temperatures down to minus 55 degrees are expected in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

Emergencies Ministry warns citizens of Krasnoyarsk abnormally cold weather — in the north of the region temperatures can fall to minus 55 degrees in the south and center of the land — to minus 35 degrees, told RIA Novosti spokesman GUMCHS the edge Elena Yastrebkova.

"According to forecasters, February 5, in the east of the South Taimyr remain abnormally cold weather, the temperature is minus 38 — minus 43 degrees in the Evenki expected abnormally cold weather, frost, temperatures sometimes drop to minus 50-55 degrees. Night on central and southern areas of the province in places expected air temperature of minus 30 — minus 35 degrees Celsius, "- said Yastrebkova.

According to her, the weather will hold for at least another few days. This information is brought to the administrations of cities and districts of the region to take measures to prevent the occurrence of emergency and public notification.

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