Temporal teleportation

February 17, 2012 18:59

Recently, colleagues from the magazine, which specializes in "abnormal" subjects, had popularity ratings of different anomalous topics. As might be expected, in the first place was the "life after death", and the second — "time travel."

In the summer of 2004 there were three cases of "failure in time"

Everything is logical: the first topic interests of all of us, without exception, and as for the second, with the current trend of permanent cuts in appropriations for basic research, we approach it except that in ten generations. Try to fill this gap and even deal with all kinds of restrictions of time travel, which comes up with modern science itself, not to wrestle with this problem. Thanks and on the fact that a number of prominent scientists, including Stephen Hawking, at least theoretically allow this possibility.

The fundamental principle of causality until affect will not: Wait a little while, contrary to Einstein in physics experiments is securely installed possible to achieve superluminal velocities.

But there is a possibility of the opponents of time travel is another, quite damning, in their view, the principle that we conventionally call astronomical. As you know, even a student, Earth moves around the sun continuously and simultaneously with it, around the center of our galaxy, which is also moving somewhere.

Suppose we have created a time machine and want to use it to move to the Earth in 1000. But in 1000 the earth was quite a different point in space, and it is indisputable astronomical and physical fact. Therefore, to be in this era, we need to create a hybrid of MB with a starship even manage to calculate this very point that is almost unreal. So, time travel is impossible.

Operate this argument even quite serious scientists, forgetting that this argument is likely to field of formal logic, which can be used to justify any nonsense. By about the same as to what are the famous paradoxes of Zeno, claiming, inter alia, that the fleet-footed Achilles could never overtake the tortoise. In reality, he will do it easily. Astronomical refute the ban is simple: need examples of real time travel. They really are, even though over 90% of these stories, wandering in different media — solid lime. But there is a fairly reliable "dry residue".

Mysterious disappearance

Although this story takes place in the late 90's, its a participant decided to talk about it recently, after filing it with someone in a very distorted form hit the media. Therefore, at the request of the author, we give most of it in the first person, was only slightly reduced.

Its author — Muscovite Igor Kondrashov, for obvious reasons, he does not identify the exact location of the event, but it does not matter — in the other, almost a similar case, the event is named exactly, but it does nothing.

"This is the most incredible event in my life happened a few days before the default. At its "Lada" I came to CRI, where he was to deliver an interim report on its work. Beside him in the Soviet era was organized parking lot with an ominous sign: "Only / for employees." But since then, the number of cars has increased dramatically among the staff, and I could hardly find an empty seat. If I parked in a different place, subsequent events would have developed very differently.

Our CRI was not really a secret, but now the Mode, Skip I was already booked, I was "Rainbow" and walked out into the courtyard, a square formed by the building of the Institute. Delivery of the report was purely formal, especially as one of the heads of department — my old friend Victor.

When I was going through an extensive yard, saw a bench under a tree, I decided to double-check that all the paper correctly decorated. I sat down at her, opened the briefcase and suddenly felt something bad. I do not know how to describe it: something like heat or sunstroke. Next — worse: suddenly lost all color, as is the case with the weakening of the television signal — the action continues, but in black and white.

Then the surrounding picture altogether darkened, and I fell like a complete blackness. But I'm sure that did not lose consciousness, as a matter of moments surrounding the picture returned to normal, a colorful state.

To be honest, at this point I am seriously frightened only recently exchanged twenties, and no health problems were not, and now this … When he came to, sat for a bit, but nowhere did not hurt, I took a chance to get up and rather carefully moved in the same direction. But when I got to the office of Victor, he stared at me like a ghost, "Where have you been? After all, you did not have five days! "

It is necessary to briefly recount the previous events. Without waiting for a friend to the report, Victor several telephone calls to his home, but no one was there. Ran out of time, Victor left the building to his car and found a lonely standing "Zhiguli" friend. He immediately returned to his watch, and found that he arrived at the agreed time, but the building of the institute has not yet left. Had to call the service. Arrived and dog handler with the dog. The dog took the trail, all brought to the bench and began to spin at a loss on the spot — the trace disappeared. One of the men expressed a completely ridiculous idea: "Looks like here's your visitor change of shoes."

Searched almost the entire institution, but did not find even a trace. Leave the institution without going through the watch, it was not possible, another door, a way out of another building on the parallel street, had long been closed, all the windows of the first floor was non-removable grille. It turned out that the person who entered into the courtyard of the Institute, there and disappeared. And his expression after five days on the same site did not clarify.

This story does not become a part of the media in the years since the events took place after the end of the day, and they were dedicated to only a handful of members of the Institute. Just in case management has ordered to remove the bench, and this place put one on the other, a couple of large concrete slabs, so there no one went. Plates are easy so far.


It is a pity that this story could not find witnesses who saw the disappearance and return of Igor nothing after five days. But in our archive is a case where such witnesses were just two. This case was also in Moscow, but in the past five years — in 1993. Three "new Russian" businessmen themselves were in Moscow Commission on anomalous phenomena "Phenomenon" after they were participants and witnesses absolutely fantastic stories.

They introduced themselves as S. Kama, CEO of the company, B. Ivashenko — Commercial Director, and O. Karatyan — employee of the same company. This story took place near the Ostankino television tower, and the first two were waiting for third with a suitcase of money. A shower of rain in the square were puddles, and Oleg Karatyan a diplomat just approached them, going through another puddle.

Suddenly the air deep voice boomed, and the TV tower, as it seemed, was surrounded by a reddish glow. Then "image" tower blurred, blinked, and it was "revealed" is much closer (or the participants of the event were transferred to it.) Then Oleg, who was of them only twenty paces, suddenly disappeared. With diplomats of money. Can you imagine what the witnesses have experienced disappearance. They can not say how long it stood in a stupor — maybe a minute, maybe all ten. The area around was completely deserted — not a single person around. And they began to embrace a mystical horror Oleg Karatyan their eyes disappeared so suddenly, as if he erased eraser with a sheet of paper.

Then buzz increased, the surface area was subtly stretch, and suddenly it appeared again on Oleg. And the pool, through which he steps over. As it turned out, expensive and reliable watches Oleg at the time of disappearance stopped. Education level business allowed them to suggest that "perhaps it is on the tower include some generators."


Similar cases, including historical documents, more than enough, they are quite regularly appeared in various media, so we give here only a couple of those that took place in the near time for us.

In the summer of 2004 there were three cases of "failure in time" — two in England and one in the U.S.. June 28 at the Channel coast yachtsman Justin Griffin went on a voyage on his yacht. The next day the boat without crew was thrown out at the beach near his home. He himself appeared there on July 29, a month after his disappearance, in the dark about where he spent the whole month.

July 12 disappeared housewife Dornmuta Beverly Mills. After 3 weeks, she suddenly "revealed" in a very remote village, not even knowing that it is out of town. She had a feeling that she was a little nap at home and then woke up in a completely unknown place.

Following Charles Fort, coined the term "teleportation" for cases of spontaneous instant moving in space, called the above cases of "temporal teleportation" — ie spontaneous instant motion in time (it is possible that these phenomena is the same mechanism).

In these cases, the temporal teleportation directed to the future, although there are cases and moving into the past. And, as we can see, despite the skeptics, in many cases temporal teleportation is not associated with any spatial movement — may be extinct after quite a long time at the same place (or not occur at all, at least in the memory of witnesses — seems to be known cases where the missing returns decades later.)

There are, as we see, and combination cases where time is accompanied by teleportation teleportation in space. But it is nothing to do with the Earth's celestial movement is not. For example, a housewife Beverly Mills moved to 3 weeks in the future, and a couple of hundred miles in space. But this way, slowly, can be done on foot.

Unfortunately, the science behind eyewitness scientific fact does not recognize, even if they are confirmed by witnesses. But in 1983, the staff of Beijing Normal Institute showed in a large series of experiments, the spatial and temporal teleportation actually exist. Under strictly controlled electronically experiment known Chinese psychic "friend B" demonstrated by mental effort teleport objects from one place to another — a closed, sealed and controlled cameras. In fact, he has demonstrated a combined space-time teleportation, transferring the items in the future for a period of about an hour. Including living objects. These objects passing through the wall and absent in real-time for tens of minutes, remained alive.

What about us? Ironically, in 1983, one of the prominent Soviet physicist, academician AB Migdal categorically stated: "Physicists deny the possibility of the transfer of material objects at will." By the way, for this reason, experiments were entrusted with not physics from Beijing University, and less blinkered specialists from the Pedagogical Institute.

In the popularity ratings of different anomalous fact in the first place was "life after death"

Be that as it may, the Chinese experiments showed the fundamental ability to move objects in time, although the mechanism of such a move is still beyond modern science.

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