Terrible effects of warming by 4 degrees

Terrible effects of warming by 4 degreesAs predicted by climate scientists, our planet may become warmer by 4 ° C. Such seemingly small warming will lead to serious problems. Among them — the sea level rise, catastrophic consequences for agriculture in Africa, the mass migration of people from the coastal cities.

Researchers at the International Institute of Livestock, led by Peter Thornton, climate models used to predict the future of agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa. Statistics show that the yield in the region gradually decreases every two years, and we can not rely on existing culture and cultivation processes.

Along with global warming projected population growth in this century, which will increase the demand for food. At the same time, rapid population growth and the temperature will lead to a food crisis, as the demand for food will greatly exceed supply.

As the researchers note, the situation with the water supply around the world no less sad. Fresh water can not be distributed evenly, it will be somewhere perilously low, and some areas will be flooded. However, rising sea levels — another consequence of global warming. The high cost of protecting the coastal towns of the ocean may lead to tens of millions of people will be forced from their homes in London, Amsterdam, Shanghai and Mumbai.

According to researchers, if the global temperature increase does not exceed 2 ° C, catastrophic changes can be avoided. However, many people are inclined to believe that by the end of this century will warm by 4 ° C.


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