Thailand Weather Service warned of storms from May 16 to 18

Heavy rain, a storm at sea, and the risk of flooding in Thailand expected in the next three days in the most popular resort areas in the country, the weather service in Thailand.

"Heavy rains are expected on May 16-18 in the northern, eastern and western part of the south. In the Andaman Sea is probably the appearance of waves up to three meters. Residents of the villages located on the slopes of the mountains should be prepared for storm water runoff and flooding," — said.

In the Andaman Sea, near the island of Phuket, Krabi and Phang, all recreational vessels will "move with the utmost caution."

In the eastern part of the country to which the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, where the resort city of Pattaya, the expected heavy rains with gusty winds.

Mid-May — usually the time of transition from the hot season, which begins in mid-March, the season of monsoon rains. This year, according to experts, the hot season set a record heat wave for the last 10 years — daytime temperatures above 40 degrees were held for almost three weeks. People will take on after such heat should expect strong and heavy rains, according to the newspaper article, "Matichon" dedicated to the analysis of climatic situation in Thailand.

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