The air in the Russian bath concoctions of herbs and recipes

Etymologically the air as well as the soul as breathing, judging from the old Slavic beliefs — the same structure. Also close view of the air and steam sauna. Air — one of the four elements of the cosmos, along with water, fire and earth is "The four-force", which in the bath "peresotvoryaet" man, that is, regenerates again.

Air serves as a vehicle or medium through which malicious people can didst send defame and spread the disease, an infection. In the old harmful and dangerous to man the air is called — the "bad" or "evil" air-to-Ghost sickness is like a demonic beings come in person through the air with his breathing. When the ritual enchantment patient and when pronouncing conspiracy medicine man always blowing air on the patient and on all four sides. Slavs believed that the soul is like air — volatile and formless. That's why they tried to create in the bath as possible miracle Napara to and "darling steamed."

In general, the smell of steam and the smell of the body in the bath was given great importance. For example, in popular culture odor coming from the body, is characteristic of his and others, opposed to life and death, righteousness or wickedness. Smell coming from the man is often an important feature of the border states. According to the traditional concept, a person does not smell, is still in its midst. Known proverb: "The best smelling one who does not smell." The exception is the sweet scent that is said to come from young women and young children. All the girls smell like flowers, and all the children smell happiness. The enormous number of different potions that can restore a woman's body girlish scent.

For naparah used lavender, basil, grated apple and holds. These plants can enhance a girl's peculiar smell.

Marjoram, geranium leaf cherry and willow bark of young shoots also increased attractive body odor that arouses men, especially those with a sensitive sense of smell.

In southern Russia still has to use ointments broth home geraniums and quince.

In the old days, fragrant plants were used as a means of seduction in women and early life course of the child.

The first time swimming, whether it was a girl or a boy, a child submerged in the broth lovage with a small amount of honey or a decoction of mint and Kudryavtsev.

Odor of the human body is treated in the Slavic culture as a sign of spiritual moral depravity. It is believed that the smell of a heavy spirit, ghost illness, sent for grave sins. Slavic sorcerers easily by the smell of sour vinegar emanating from the body that determines when a person has lodged a heavy, hard curable disease. Smells of life and death are special, they are very different, but that is to be found in ancient Slavic Zdravnik. Its distinctive odor is in the elderly, who, unlike the young, smell the hay, if healthy, and rotten hay, if ill. The young the soul smells basil. In these Zdravnik said that man before death smell the earth. But the real smell of death begins to exude only at the moment when the soul leaves the body. Of many at this point odor of oil, from my mom, for example, at the last gasp rose smell of mature honey, sweet and fragrant.

In fairy tales, demons fighting each other, trying to master the soul, and with disdain refuse to empty body. In Vedic znaharnikah states that only a person's death sheds light on the true life lived. Scent of the deceased, means that he lived a life of dignity. Indeed, some of the dead at a time when the soul leaves the body, begin to smell like honey color or real honey. This scent is called incense, fragrant as flowers. Heavy is the spirit of man sinned. For example, the Old Believers in the oral tradition of our ancestors described the virgin birth, still trying to get it to the natural presentation — For example, they believed that the Virgin conceived of the flower, the smell is inhaled. In bogumilskoy legend says that God wanted to create the spirit of his son, and the devil had advised him on the night hiding under clothes sprig of basil and lily of the valley, and in the morning to give it a pious and chaste Mother of God, that God did. During the life reek those who betrayed such unclean occupation, as a curse and all, as a promise of envy and certain faulty slandered against other people. It was the smell emanating from the body in paired baths, which now are in the nature of public can understand whether these moments soared with such a smelly person or not. Bad smell in the old days was considered aggressive and attacking. That is why for a long time to be an angry man, the smell of which can attack you on, it was considered harmful and dangerous.

For example, the smell of corpses elder in ancient legend conservatives because Judas ended his days by hanging on this bush. That is why in the old merchants fresh elderberry branches tucked up their barns and stores to contractors and accountants do not climb the thieves hand in the treasury. That is, the branches elder merchants protect themselves from corrupt people. Also sometimes added to the elder branch of the broom for steaming when steamed man after major thefts that this is more to it has not happened to steal not become a regular thing in the life of man robbed. After such intense steaming man, using massage, rubbing salt to scrub off a bad smell and strengthen elder salt of the earth, thus putting amulet around his body. It was believed that the salt draws out the body over all the negative information. That is why the houses in the kitchen hostess kept salt in a sealed container so that it does not absorb a variety of scandalous thoughts hostess or just everyday family conflicts. In the salt baths used it to pull all the evil of the body. In both those evil events that are already glued to the destiny of man. After rubbing salt such people could still rub dry powder pounded wormwood. And then how to "walk" through the body birch or oak twigs. Then the man and covered with clean linen vyminali rolling pins and large pine cones, pull the body to the muscles in knots not accidentally hidden enemy: the thieves force prityanuvshayasya to the sick patient. Canvas is a steaming bath after rinsed in cold running water and — because water, the essence of purity, and flushes out all the harmful relegated away from the shore of life — and then calcined over hot stoves.

Truly magical concepts of the bath, our ancient people were amazing and really a Russian steam bath to restore not only the human body but also the spirit of the rules, strengthening the nervous system and psyche, restoring rationality, self-control, increased emotionality, particularly in unusual moments. All of these elements so honored and magically blended into the bath with a specific intent. Our ancestors believed that it was in the merger of the four elements can be developed soul, inherited from our ancient ancestor of the Creator God. Only in this confluence of four major forces of our physical world soul can rightly learn for themselves the reality of being a man and to be grateful for the resurrection.

I want to add a few words about the burning embers that quenched in decoction for vzbadrivaniya water. In the old records healers say that doing so "fire water" for enforcement purposes and to ensure the strength of spirit and vitality of the body. Special magical properties attributed to a brand of ritual fires, such as "midsummer" and "Svetovidov." Such fires — the magical and healing — fueled by the great feasts. With firebrands consecrated fire transferred from the general fires in his home, as well as accumulating on zagnetke heater in the bath, and when melting the room, took another sacred smut and use it to foment, melted furnace heater. It was believed that it was from this basic magical light up a bunt every new stove for steaming in the bath, after which each and every unburned coal in the bath was considered a piece of wood and blessed with the addition of magical properties. When taken out unburned log in order to repay it in Napara, uttered mantric (ie short) plots by type:

"Khuda share on pasture, good share rut."


"Izydeshe force terrible, ferocious power so you come bright, kind."

Once a brand has gone out in the water, it is not thrown back into the heater, and took care of the oven in the bath so that it dried out and re-used it for kindling subsequent baths. Sometimes these extinguished embers used to steamed skate man, pull on the Status of the top canvas. Rolled out again for a reason, and with conspiracy. This action is associated with sorcery in a warm and warming the body with a view to the magical power of such smut got to the origins, to a cache of the soul and magic heat pulled soul. That of a private, hidden state to deploy it to my dear breath, making it easier and revived. Like a broom, a brand used to pull over large hvorobu, which sits in the body and does not protrude on the surface, but izedaet body from within. But on brooms, ointments and various herbs Arcane will be discussed later.

In conclusion, it must be said about the fourth element — the earth is in the bath in all, and in the grass, and wood, and ash, and in the oven with stones. And indeed the bath put in the right place to receive radiation Mother Earth.

Air drugs

If you ask any person (other than Russian), which begins with bath, you will hear the answer — with water. That may be so, because the bath without water — no bath. But if you ask a Russian, every answer — with a broom. Truly a broom — a symbol of the Russian bath, we can say its living symbol. Without a broom and a bath — no bath. That's why so reluctant to accept Russian sauna. Today, a sauna, a force embedded in the city baths, prefer for the simple reason that it is cleaner, it is easier to clean.

In the old days to the same brooms were treated with great respect, rather than today. Broom or, as it used to be called "broom bath" — the subject of bath items, endowed in the popular imagination is very serious voodoo, Vedic, magical, and sometimes demonic forces. Broom — a kind of weapon against corruption and witchcraft. At the same time, it is also the most powerful talisman against various fevers and evil forces, the means of deliverance from disease and gun distillation of evil spirits. Of course, include bath broom utilitarian function as a subject, you can revenge. Naturally, if an ordinary broom swept out from home rubbish, dirt and trash, the bath broom swept out from the energy of the human nature all sorts of filth and hassle. For example, in the old voodoo bath brooms gave great tribute and always left dry twigs under the shelf to them lived, fared sauna spirit. For him specifically allowed separate piece myltsa broom so he could warm up as well as the master bath — people. Significant voodoo and magical properties are often attributed to the broom, used in rites of purification, against corruption and the evil eye. This is no ordinary brooms, they are collected in the days of the great Slavic holiday, and not just so, and with conspiracy, calling on oleoresin — soulful energies of life.

In the days of stocking Kupala brooms little, but every day, always at dawn, before the sun rises. There is an old saying: "Choose a broom in a birch forest and birch near the water."

To prepare twigs of birch, you had to be very observant person. Usually brooms stocked with young birch trees, it is desirable that they have never bloomed and fruited earrings. It was believed that such a birch leaf tender and softer, and they did not dissipate their manpower. Before you prepare a broom, witch doctor sheet carefully licking tongue, especially the upper part. Shaggy — pulls tongue like sandpaper, then a birch is not suitable for bath broom. It was called "glushina", then it will not hear anything, neither the call of the soul, or cries for help, which publishes the body if it stuck fever. Broom of these branches will be rough, harsh, biting, not gentle, not the mother, and certainly not fashion a new health. But when the sheet is completely smooth, soft, velvety, like a pubescent — is maternal birch bereginyushka. Best brooms just from a willow birch, especially if it grows near water — Twigs in her thick, flexible, dense, knot-free, and pretty to look at. Birch is pleased with their tenderness and gentleness, and when such a broom soared, he obhlestyvaet body, avoiding it, but not damaging. Massage with a very deep steaming, the leaves are very close to the body. Broom from willow birch (also called "drooping birch") in the bath is longer than the other, of course, if it is cut correctly and dried. How can recognize Lozovaya birch? Its branches hang down like a willow, heart-shaped leaves and a slightly curved glushiny resemble an egg. Cut off from the branches to long, thin, flexible, elastic, straight as an arrow bars, preferably ends of twigs, choose a branch, where the leaves on a long stalk. A branch glushnyaka rough, gnarled, a spreading and will be in a bath of fragile and brittle.

Birch ancient times was considered the Slavs "tree-spirit" and a favorite tree, mermaids, maidens-vodyanits or sap, as they are sometimes called. It was believed, for example, that they live on the birch trees or birch and like to swing on birch branches. If you are at the right moment srezhesh branch on which sat pritihnuv, sap and so on it will remain. And when you bring a broom to the steam room and it was worn correctly, oleoresin revive and will help to rule your body and revive your soul, revitalize health. To sap, brought by the branches of birch, treated very anxious because they think their Beregin spirits guardians from evil. They are sometimes portrayed as a female bird or female fish. Since ancient ancestors tried to portray their relationship with the elements of air and water, on the other hand, the torso of a human being in such images say about the relationship with the man himself.

Birch — a mystical tree of Russia, one of the most revered Slavs in folk tradition acting as a happy tree, protects against evil forces, and associated with feminine forces Bereguinias and souls that are required to keep living relatives. Beliefs about the health properties of birch existed in virtually all Slavic peoples and in all regions. She was revered as the tree yielding happiness, health and good. The notion that the birch — tree evil and bringing trouble, there are extremely rare and only if birch, when it planted next to the house, worried of what was planted. In this case, the birch treated with caution because the ancestors believed — a birch tree planted in honor of the birth, it is necessary to cut down the time when the deceased was seen off to another world. Because they feared that the soul of the deceased may settle in birch and never find out in heaven Svarga. But most of the birch tree is revered as bringing luck, it specifically planted in the yard or around the house for the welfare of the whole family on the birth of the child, as well as lightning protection and to ward off evil forces. Even the dark spots on the trunk of a birch there was a belief that the way Birch pulls itself slanders, evil curses and promises by sending enemies in that family, next to the house where she lives. That is why the birch — a symbol of shore-to-no — is widely regarded as a tree involved in the supernatural world. She was associated not only with voodoo and Vedic health resort, but also with various magical rituals to enrich, to save and uberezheniya.

Preserved ancient legend that the roots of this tree are always in the underground world around them and stay snakes and other reptiles. And its roots keeps them birch, entangles them, that they could not rise to the top. Birch trunk protect living people from all sorts of curses, evil eye and spoilage, pulling over black promises. Crohn's and tree branches are in the sky, in Svarga, home to birds, the souls of dead ancestors of that help the living, and the Gods. In many ancient conspiracies have words: "On the island of Buyan is the white birch branches down, back up, and sitting on the birch Blessed Virgin Mother, weaves, peretket prophetic destiny, destiny better." The very definition says that birch can wrap or change destiny of man in the best of the worst.

Birch is often used in folk medicine to treat various diseases. All Slavic people taking very effective curative magic was considered walking to the growing birch for the "transfer" her illness. "Transfer" of the disease in different ways: poured birch remaining water after bathing the sick person or the child, to treat a patient birch things and hung in the trees at night and in the morning, at dawn, shot peeled, "whitewash" and worn by the patient. Such actions are often accompanied by conspiracy containing motif threat to disease, such as:

Throw hula-hum birch bush
To izbolelo tree to heal the body.

Often to birch been asked about healing in normal nagovornom genre. In this case, the sick twisted branches of birch, threatening to sap, living in them, do not let up until the disease will not retreat from the man. Widely regarded as a remedy, and birch sap. To be seen as the mother's milk. If birch — Mother Bereguinya, then milk it — birch syrup — used as oberezhny nectar. This is what our ancestors drink favored in the bath. Birch sap refreshed better than Ash and kvass, which are also often used in the bath, as they defended from carbon compounds. It has long been believed that the birch juice cleanses the blood, and if you drink it in a circle three times a day, gets rid of various ailments, in particular — from skin diseases, from non-healing wounds, rashes and others. Some doctors, for example, came to the conclusion that this drink is useful for eczema, gout and rheumatism. In Bulgaria, birch sap wash head, believing that it eliminates dandruff and strengthens hair roots that grow faster and thicker. In ancient chronicles mention that in ancient Russia to the ranks of the so-called green markets nymphs offered various drugs, but birch always in demand. In diseases of the skin, hair loss, aching joints, swelling, and in order to drive out the bad ailments, colds very great honor it is used birch drugs, herbal infusions on birch juice or ointments birch or birch medley of green leaves with honey with added birch sap and other herbs.

Recipe birch krosheva

In equal parts taken birch sap and birch leaves. Leaves must chop, knead, then pour fresh birch sap so that it covers the leaves completely. Add a few pinches of salt and 1-2 teaspoons of honey, mix well and store in a cool place. In the warmth to keep hash is not recommended, because it can ferment. Use this elixir in the bath, they grind the body, making younger people, it is fresh and vigorous, the most important thing for a long time medley fatigue. Body as it revived, and people can work without getting tired. So are biologically active substances contained in the leaves of birch.

Have you ever wondered why, in a birch forest is so easy and free to breathe? Yes, because the leaves emit volatile substances, volatile, which purify the air. Volatile birch leaf — original record holders: they are faster than similar substances in the leaves of other trees, finish with bacteria. It is believed that, after the birch grove three hours, the person heals. In mixed forest, but with a predominance of birch, per cubic meter of air contains on average only about 450 bacteria, and in fact even in the operating surgeons at the maximum admissible content of sterility about 500 bacteria per cubic meter. It has long been known that in the bath breathe easier if the heat pump birch broom. Birch spirit helps relieve bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. Leaf birch broom is able to stick to the body, it has a rough surface and porosity. When soared in the bath, it is close to the body like a blotter and absorb sweat. Dry, lost his cell liquid and then steamed in hot water especially broom regularly absorbs sweat. That is why the birch broom after each steaming it is necessary to rinse with cool water to wash away the filth from his body. Cleaning properties birch broom is much higher than that of the oak, the leaves of which are more dense, but not as porous. True, oak broom has its advantages. Due to the density of the sheet he quickly absorbs the heat bath and transfers it to the human body. In traditional predilection for birch brooms laid very deep sacred meaning. This is not just a fan, which pumps the heat, it is a medicinal massage, through which eliminates skin dryness and other unpleasant sensations, also rejuvenates the skin.

Birch — a wonderful, unique tree. Many may have noticed that in burnt forest areas first appear birches. This white wonder if to remove the burnt sore spot forest cure it healthier. But not only unique birch sap and birch leaves. For a long time, for example, made of birch bark bowl, especially for a bath. Known such a unique fact that birchbark baskets and buckets water does not freeze even in the dead of winter. Is not it a strange and unexplained feature of our Bereguinyas-birch. In fairy tales, and laments bylichkah birch endowed cheerful disposition. If oak is called the strong and mighty, willow called sad and anxious, aspen — timid and clairvoyant, the birch has always been a girl's gentle temperament. When steamed birch twigs, and for the couple added the heater birch sap, saying:

Svyazhenka have rotok and healthy Silushka in zhivotok,
cleft prytkost yes of fruit in chrevok,
Bear Power yes in big hands,
a cleft in the purse but agility.

Of course, these brooms, as amulets and tools distillation of evil spirits, honored. After steaming brooms such malicious spirits leave the body. It is such steaming Slavs blocked the way sorcerers and pamorokam — people suggestive dirtiest and abuse. It was believed that if the fresh green birch twigs right to withdraw, steamed body, but with plots, but with a properly prepared naparah, then no damage is not terrible. Moreover, a person navedshy damage, be sure to "dry up."

For voodoo ritual bath tried to use the green healthy birch branches, which "did not sit cuckoo." That is a ritual bath broom branches should be cut to the point where the cuckoo leaves the nest, or rather — not later than 28 June. Gather them without a knife and an ax, that is broken by hand. After cutting the first broom carefully washed in a bath with the first harvested Zelentsov, which adds color to the health and herbs. After such a ritual washing first brooms tried to throw into the river to she took away all the misfortunes and calamities of the past is the past not to have skipped a day living. If a person has lived comfortably for the previous cycle time and had to leave with nothing, because he was not sick, nothing is lost, with it not befall any adverse events, then the broom was the "zdravnym" and threw it on the roof of the bath. Particularly important role played in the first Zieleniec ritual the bride's bath, when the girl was of marriageable age or widow expected matchmakers.

Method of getting rid of loneliness

If the woman sat up alone, then she needed to bathe three times Zelenitz first to shoot down all the green leaves to repel adversity angst-Kruchina. After that, the remaining "Golyak" dismantled on twigs, tied with ribbon and a twig stuck on both sides along the track to the bath. The remaining twigs that parilas single woman spreads near the tracks and the houses where they lived prospective suitors.

Birch broom used in ritual actions associated with the first steaming newlyweds. After the wedding night the young had steamed one broom, and kept the entire first year of married life. The next year, with production of the first Zelentsy this mating ritual broom burned in flames, melting stove. Brooms, which ohazhivat sick people did not keep the baths even if brooms have prepared a little and wanted to save. Brooms after patients were buried or burned, but not in the stove, and the fire on the street. Why does not the heater? To thin the trouble heater was not included but was not settled. And in the bath is not recommended to leave them to be ill-bath.

Following the birch by popularity no doubt there is an oak broom. Many fans prefer baths oak — a brave tree, the patriarch of the forest. Those who like to especially thorough warm up, pumping the body of a high fever, prefer oak broom with its massive thick leaves. From a steaming body begins to blaze, glow. Better oak twigs for this to be found.

Our ancestors settled in oak to gain strength. Scientists have shown that the leaves of oak isolated healthful substances that can shoot even pressure in hypertensive patients. And the fact that a decoction of oak bark has a strong bactericidal action, everyone knows. Oak twigs best to collect not just anywhere, but in damp shady woods, where there are large mugs. Oak branches in places particularly strong, and the leaves do not fall. Oak twigs can long maintain its shape and are especially recommended for those who have oily skin. This broom it dries, making opaque and firm. He is especially good in the fight against modern ailment — cellulite.


Oak leaves ground into a powder and applied to the skin, steamed without washing all the time while the person is in the bath, steamed over this same oak pulp.

Oak in the traditional culture of the Slavs — most revered tree associated with the god of thunder Perun. It symbolizes power, strength and masculinity. In oak groves, not only settled the Magi, and to worship and these trees is an area which corresponds to the upper world. Oak attributed to a very significant and positive force, it is not for nothing that in the old days was called the King-oak. In many folk tales oak appears as the World Tree. In the apocryphal Old Believers say that Judas would hang on the oak, but on God's command bowed oak and saved the life of Judas, that he tormented and remembered as a traitor was. Oak trees were planted in the old days only the estates of the rich and noble people, thereby indicating their higher position than its neighbors — In the Slavic Vedism oak tree was considered sacred, a place where perform sacred rites, and in this sense the oak served as an analogue of the temple. For example, in the old days after the wedding the young went to the old oak tree, and the bridegroom, taking the hands of the bride, three twine around her oak. But with the advent of Christianity, the sacred oak groves began to cut down. In his treatise of Constantine Porphyrogenitus (it is about the middle of the tenth century) reported that the dew perform rites on the island of Khortytsya, where he grew up a huge oak tree. In Slavic chronicle Germolda also tells of the destruction in 1155 of the sacred groves of Wagram on earth, one of the tribes polapskih Slavs, where there were "sacred oaks, dedicated to God of this earth — Perov." Almost the same time that the episode described in the Life of Otto (1124), where Bishop Otto of Bamberg led the mission — Catholic preacher, the Pomeranians. "There was also a huge leafy oak, under it flowed good source. The common people worshiped the sacred tree and rendered great celebration considering that some deity dwells here. " And in this biography says that people fervently asked the bishop to save the tree, which was not done. Oak was destroyed, and in its place was arranged ashes to teach Pomors go to Christian churches.

But no amount of destroying the sacred oak groves Slavs, still to this day preserved the memory of the iconic features of oak. For example, until now universally prohibited to cut oaks, because it is believed that this is — the tree of God. It was believed that any attempt to cause damage to oak: cut down, broken branches, strip off the bark will result in disaster for the people and for all those living nearby. For bathhouse switches stocked exclusively side shoots to ennoble the sacred crown of oak trees. It is natural that the oak twigs treated as sacred by bringing the soul and spirit of man and connecting, restoring the relationship with the Gods. After steaming oak twigs, considered by our ancestors, the soul immediately thought of the way to the gods and, flying at bedtime Svarga, brings knowledge and prophetic hints Gods of how to live. That is why in the old days under the oaks forbidden to sleep — because of danger to the mind, because the night at Oak Villa arrive WISDOM — a bird Sirin Alkonost, Hamayun, strata, Ruh and so on. All them — twelve. They sing a prophetic song about the past, present and future. The soul and the spirit, heard can to desire to fly with the birds and split the personality of the person. That is why the Slavs so compassionately treated holy fool. It was believed that they accidentally fell asleep under a tree and began briskly intelligent, but only the mind that had quarreled with the head, so they are ground that the language will fall. But sometimes listened to the words of fools, because it was believed that those, though they say, not knowing that, but are agents of oak strength.

In the texts oak stands in the way the three-part of the world tree, modeling the universe, with its three worlds: Nav, Reality and rules. In Slavic conspiracy oak, standing on an island near the temple on the hill, in the middle of the ocean denotes the center of the world and the world itself, yet perfect Otherworldly space where the only possible resolution of a crisis situation. Next to an oak tree, or right on it is always the king, the queen, God, the Virgin, the saints, and around the oak, its roots or the leaves are always going to Villa or WISDOM Yai — the great prophetic Kalin-snakes. That is why the fallen oak leaves in autumn collected, stored and used for voskurivany, to sit, to breathe their smoke and understand complex prophecies of the coming day. Especially if the person does not know what to do in a meaningful situation for themselves.

Very stable and Vedic voodoo force arising during copulation oak and birch, both male and female symbologies used in the bath. This collection of oak and birch branches, stacked in one broom, used as a means of love magic. For example, to keep a guy and a girl, a woman and man used broth, infused with a rake, to break away from the trees in the place where fused together oak and birch. This ritual is perhaps the most powerful love quackery.

Recipe for warts

Another ancient voodoo technique helps children today.

After steaming baby in the bath rub the oak twigs muddy oak leaves warts, then pierce their sharp splinter of oak twigs, and they quickly disappear. Try, if your kids have appeared on the palms similar trouble. If, after a steaming on the warts drop by drop milky juice of celandine, they will disappear even faster.

Like many other trees, the oak was an object, which is symbolically transferred disease. Naturally, under the oak tried to pour water after treatment of the patient man on oak branches at night, under the stars, hanging out clothes the sick person, and in the early days was removed and put on again.

It was believed that with such ritual actions with oak and birch patient quickly recovered. Oak branches were used as a talisman. For example, the Slavs stuck them in the windows and doors of houses and outbuildings that the gap is not penetrated skills, hassle and undead. Rusichi made of oak amulets and wore them around the neck to ward off vampires and bloodsuckers. Steamed oak bark was applied to the gums if they bled. Oak decoction washed hair, and it was used as an elixir to improve vision, wetting them ever stuck to tired eyes.

In Slavic lands also honored besoms of fruit trees. For example, in the great honor of cherry twigs were, they were considered a love, and really, if ohazhivat body in a broom, the interest of man to woman is more important, but man — loving. Knowingly cherries among the Southern Slavs in mythology combined with the worship of God Almighty. Vishny called Svarog himself as Creator, who created the Celestial Empire in adultery at one with mother earth. If zealous owner regretted his cherry trees cut for brooms, then certainly fallen cherry blossoms in the spring, that is — empty shell, harvested, dried and used for napara in the bath, for ointments. Special esteem he enjoyed among women. Decoction of the bark is cherry leaves and young shoots of cherry in spring pruning is always used in the bath to create steam for family baths.

Knit with branches and twigs currants. Even today, with pleasure sometimes seen in the urban bath with some scented currant mistress whisk. Though inferior to those twigs of birch and oak in strength, but they are very fragrant and good for the skin. Especially pleased to inhale the aroma of currant branches, when you lie on the shelf, and you stroll on birch or oak twigs. Such a sweet smell, penetrating the body, invigorates him, refreshing, and most importantly — the refreshing ideas for the creative process, "get excited", as they say now, creative thinking.

In the old days like today, actually, very useful is the nettle brooms. Today, however, their popularity has undeservedly forgotten and nettle brooms generally revered only inveterate bathers who know a lot about the procedure of bath. Earlier this pungent herb punished lihomanki that enter the body and are destroyed by traditional healers in the ritual of steaming. In one of the ancient herbalists on this occasion said: "This kind of training for fever nettle though harsh on the body, but is lihomanku out, pulls the skin and removes the limits of human nature."

Nettle, despite its prickly "like" should be classified as a good and useful plants. Of course, not very nice when somewhere in the woods suddenly obsecheshsya nettle — redness, blistering, itching. But these "stings" are useful, they improve the blood circulation. So sore on the body of nettle intentionally to drive pain hvorobu. Nettle broom has obvious advantages, it is not steamed and lightly rinsed in barely warm water — Soared when they experience more fun, light pleasant tingling body instantly becomes rosy, no blisters and no discomfort due gracious bannomu heat. In short, I recommend casting aside all fears and take a bath nettle broom, the benefits of which, not to mention the pleasant sensations, no doubt. The more that the nettle grows everywhere, even in the tundra and the tropics. The most useful nettle broom — the one that is assembled in the early summer. You can, of course, picking nettles and later, but then you have to carefully break off the nettle seeds. It is better to take a steaming bathhouse nettle nettle, not burning. It is also very useful and dead-nettle — dead-nettle. The leaves of these plants are similar, but no relation to the dead-nettle stinging nettle property has. Nevertheless, it is very useful as a Turkish bath and a salad.

Nettle broom is very good for sciatica, rheumatism, gout, diseases of the joints, sprains, bruises, spinal diseases. Cost pohlestat sore spots burning herbs, and unpleasant effects disappear. This is due to a very powerful local irritant and anti-inflammatory. In addition, improved circulation eliminates congestion in the tissues, and with regular use nettles broom and reduced blood pressure, relieves nervous tension. Massage this broom is useful for skin diseases. In diseases of the kidneys, liver, steamed nettle to put the broom to the appropriate area.

But we must remember that the nettle broom can bathe only when the skin is well warmed up. Postegivatsya nettle broom should be very easy, as it were, just touching the skin, then its action more effective. Nettle broom knit small but curly. Once he was in the bath becomes soft, Nettle urine is used for grinding the entire body. Lightly steamed nettles mylitsya but cleans better than soap.

Remarkable of juniper twigs. They "sting", but effectively restore body strength. Argued that the juniper — the younger brother of cypress. In ancient Slavic antiquity considered living juniper tree, juniper tree energy is identical to the energy of the Gods, create it as a powerful force.

Juniper — killer harmful bacteria. Its leaves have a more powerful antibacterial properties, the leaves of other plants. Juniper broom — vigorous, thorny, but if so get accustomed to prepare it, the best friend in the bath will not find. How did it make? Broom dipped in hot water (not boiling water cool!) And hold it for 5-6 minutes. After that obhlestyvayut on the edge of a gang or a sharp corner of bath benches to obbit sharp tip that a juniper, as previously thought, are composed of silicon. After tapping a broom "naparivayut" in warm water, and only then begin to steam. Juniper in the magnificent power of ritual and voodoo rituals.

Better just not to think of acupuncture. If at steaming juniper also use a short mantric healing spells, the effect is magnified. Juniper needles penetrate all parts of the reflex zones of the skin. Spell-voice healer at this time should be in tune with the hard blows. For example, if a patient is appropriate charmed a conspiracy:

Sap from the woods Hurd pacified,
zdravno, good,
Joy izrodno.

Juniper also prepare a beautiful drink that is drunk in the bath, and succumbed to steam on the stove.

Drink recipe of juniper (used in love magic)

Beverage take unripe berries and cook for half an hour in the water. This useful, very unique taste, hearty drink venerated as a love potion. He has a slightly sweet and spicy resinous bitter taste.

This description is enough to explain the glamor that has always been surrounded Szyszko-juniper berries. Medieval healers often used them as part of returning youth potions, and various love potion. Since time immemorial, juniper used for incense and ritual in Buddhism. Modern aromatherapy use juniper oil to massage the lower back and joints, and inhalation of its vapor helps with coughs and liver disease. In the bath, the Slavs did not use intoxicating drinks, but after a bath thought it useful to drink a glass of mozhzhevelovki. For this third bottle ripe juniper berries pre-press for forty days in vodka, and keep in a dark place, stir.

Of course, not the only juniper conifer, which was considered in the bath. For example, good fir twigs. Fir broom cleanses the respiratory system. In addition, it operates an antiseptic and stimulates the blood circulation, so the need for colds, coughs, bronchitis, inflammation of the sinuses and frontal sinuses. The aroma of pine broom always served as a mediator in the marital baths in establishing trust feelings. Warm and sweet-sour smell of fir opens the heart, chest cavity and helps crushes openly and go through life. Balsam fir fragrance pleases the soul especially in the winter when there is no heat, light, and leaves a feeling of security. Fir broom in this case indispensable. Especially good fir broom during epidemics of influenza. He has a beneficial effect on immune processes. In the bath, soft spicy sweetness of this fragrance is felt best. If you feel the first signs of a cold, take your time in a Russian steam bath with fir twigs. If you live in a region of Russia, where fir broom for you is not available, bring in a bath at least fir oil.

To do this, two drops of pine oil and 1 drop of peppermint oil, add a ladle of boiling water, mix it and succumb to the stove. Fir oil beneficial to the upper respiratory tract and promotes deep breathing. It has antiseptic and expectorant effect, improves blood circulation, relieves tension in the muscles of the airways. Very good fir broom during stress, anxiety, nervousness and nervous exhaustion. Generally fir is a classic natural relaxant. It helps to remove the inner nerve and muscle tension, calm down, relax, making fir twigs should be used in the bath at the slightest opportunity. These whisks after steaming, even if they are quite frayed, bring home and lay close to the head of the bed in the bedroom. Even here, the broom would great toning, well freshen indoor air. In addition, these steps will help you transform negative attitudes and passive in the positive and life-affirming. Fir oil, like juniper, with a light erotic acts by increasing the overall tone and mood of harmonization. Fir broth can be used in different types of water treatments, adding a fir oil in a bubble bath, or mixing in the salts for bathing, and using the broth fir branches.

Recipe fir bath

Dilute 10 drops of pine oil to one tablespoon of honey and a small amount of hot water, stir and pour into the tub. This will affect a relaxing bath, while refreshing, toning after a hard stressful day or an unpleasant conflict, stressful experiences, or just painful intercourse, after which there is a need to wash away the negative feelings. Fir bath improves blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism, calms the nerves.

Prescription medicinal tea from fir needles

Our grandmothers used it in the treatment of all types of colds and inflammation of the urinary bladder. This so-called tea buds fir. It contains many healing substances and vitamin C. This tea is used today as the most simple and pleasant to the taste of a home remedy for the treatment of the spring season of exhaustion and fatigue, for the prevention of beriberi and strengthen the body's defenses at risk of colds. For this spring, you have to gather the young green shoots with soft needles and candles (kidney) fir. 4 tablespoons of this mixture is put into the pot, pour hot, but not boiling water, to insist, naparah. This tea is best sweetened with honey. Fir drink tea and stay healthy!

The people used brooms not only fir and juniper, cedar and even though very rarely. For the most part enjoyed the tree. People say that there is no disease that could not banish fir broom, especially as it is good for pain in the spine, neuralgia and radiculitis. Fir broom stimulates sweating and increases circulation deep in the muscles, and even the internal organs. And thanks to a broom allocated Phytoncides perfectly sanitizes the air. Healing resin — oleoresin contained in the needles of old, famous as antimicrobial and wound healing, anti-inflammatory. These brooms steamed even poorly healing wounds. It is believed that these brooms quickly renew skin and even putrid wounds quickly scar. Moreover, the pulp of fresh milled fir needles when applied to a variety of tumor formation stops their growth.

Known voodoo baths for softwood flooring. To do this on the shelves stacked bundle of needles, and it vyminali, stretching and massaging ailing. Then he was on top of a layer of crushed pits were eventually lined spruce needles and coated linen sheets. And after this sheet again vyminali and rolling out different wooden rolling pins or dies, slapping hammers, wooden spoons and report conspiracies or prayers. Interesting, but after a fairly hard massage the patient managed to sleep right in the steam room. After such a healthy, sleep gum patient recovered almost completely, only had one bath to raise the ailing feet. What is interesting, freshly softwood tincture is also perfectly refreshing. Furthermore, pine spruce bath with lots of needles (0.5 buckets of needles on one bucket of water) pull nervous patient from depression, and help women in menopause cope with nervous attacks.

Not to mention, eucalyptus broom. Very often, vacationers bring them from the Sochi region. Instead, they are reminded of our Russian branches of willow, but much more severe. In my opinion, eucalyptus steam broom — the same as handing out gold to the poor on the porch. Put one or two of eucalyptus branches to put in birch or oak broom. To do so, I recommend not the economy, but because the eucalyptus broom is not suitable for bath massage. Its branches are too flexible, sliding, pumping his bath heat uncomfortable, and if you do you start to steam eucalyptus twigs, you'll soon realize that it is too nimble in his hands, does not draw the muscles and skin, as this "make" birch or oak twigs. No doubt, eucalyptus oil contained in the branches of one of the best essential oils for inhalation. Eucalyptus broom has a very strong antiseptic that kills even microorganisms, such as Staphylococcus. And as these "bastards" manage to survive even in maternity wards, where everything is constantly sterilized. Eucalyptus oil activates respiration, clears the respiratory tract, promotes healing and the withdrawal of phlegm coughing, hoarseness and inflammatory diseases. Pair formed by the evaporation of the bath, prevent the spread of germs in the air, so are very good protection from infectious diseases such as influenza.

Eucalyptus is very good broom for those who have had TB disease. In addition, essential oils of eucalyptus promote absorption of oxygen by all cells of the body tissues. That is, using a broom in the eucalyptus steam room, we add to the other positive effects on the body and more oxygen bath. Eucalyptus broom acts as an aphrodisiac and helps concentration, has a tonic and refreshing effect on the physical and mental state of the person. Of course, if you planned a romantic evening, use eucalyptus broom. Eucalyptus scent will invigorate great man and set it to a romantic encounter with a loved one. But remember that the eucalyptus broom is not suitable for small children and people with asthma. Furthermore, the high dose of essential oils in the steam can cause headache and lethargy are also possible allergic reactions. After steaming eucalyptus twigs, perhaps bringing long dream Morpheus will not come in your bedroom. Old Eucalyptus broom I recommend to flavor cabinets. Of course, after it is rinsed in hot water, to rinse the leaves sweat residues. With increased sleepiness, lethargy, loss of strength, low efficiency and bad mood of course it needs eucalyptus broom, because it will help revitalize the human activity and contribute to the concentration of mental activity.

Few people know about the benefits of alder brooms because alder — very fragile, brittle wood and twigs very quickly wear out. Alder brooms made of short curly branches. Broom is remarkable in that, getting into the wet steam Russian bath, alder leaves begin to allocate tar. This tar surprisingly rejuvenates the skin, so the alder twigs mostly soared to rejuvenate the body and restore his beauty. Indeed, it is amazing smoothness observed after alder proparok. Even the driest skin does not need moisturizing cream after the pair — Alder leaves are also used as a hash for a burn and vminaniya with self-massage in the bath, beautifully and miraculously restored the function of the skin. This is truly the elixir of youth, the perfect tool for the treatment of eczema, neurodermatitis and other skin diseases. Help alder and hazel twigs for varicose veins, venous ulcers. So the benefit of using a broom alder threefold: pleasure and rejuvenation, and health.

In the old days used other types of brooms for voodoo baths — they were called herb. Of course, the dried herb is difficult to imagine in a bath broom, but healers Russia figured out how to keep useful items, medicinal herbs for the miracle that they benefited in the cold season. It is easy to understand how to use fresh herbs in the bath — gathered bouquet, and they warm up, strengthening weak grass stronger, woody. But in winter, when dry, even such strong herbs like tarragon and St. John's, will still be very quickly become limp, and no steaming fail. So healers Russia came up with healing herbs to strengthen the character of birch twigs. During the drying of the two types of plants: Herbs and birch twigs is transmitted to each other invigorating healing power. Steaming at this broom, where one by one through the bars laid herbs, herbs preserved. Steaming is this broom is considered the most effective in exile diseases.

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