The area of forest fires in the Tomsk region a day dropped by 16%

The total area of forest fires in the Tomsk region per day decreased by 16% and amounted to 4.87 Monday morning, thousands of acres, said the regional emergency department.

On Sunday morning in the region registered 31 forest fires on the area 5.793 hectares.

According to MOE, the region ablaze 27 forest fires in the area of 4.87 hectares in eight districts. For the last day in the region occurred five fires on the total area of 50 hectares, eliminated nine forest fires on the total area of 1.054 hectares.

"On Monday Verkhneketskyi, Parabel, Teguldetskiy, Pervomaisk, Molchanov, Kargasok, Kolpashevo and Chainsky areas remain extreme fire hazard. Alexandrovsky, Kozhevnikovsky, Bakcharsky and Tomsk areas — high fire risk. EMERCOM Russia's Tomsk region given prompt warning on August 6 "- said in a statement.

The representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations said that in fire suppression involved about two thousand people, involved about 200 vehicles.

The region continues to operate emergency mode due to fires in the forests.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev arrived in Tomsk, where he will hold a meeting in the aftermath of forest fires. He arrived by train from Omsk.

In Tomsk, Medvedev plans to visit the fire station of the 5th unit of the Federal Fire Service, as well as to talk with Governor Sergei Zhvachkin.

Due to fires in the Tomsk region about two weeks kept smog that spread to the neighboring regions. Also, it significantly complicates the work of the local airports.

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